Let the new year come! I’m ready.

It’s not a lot I want to say tonight, but it seems to be custom to write an end of the year blog, and I don’t want to disappoint.

2015 was a special year for me. I felt it would be a good one even before it started. In fact, I couldn’t wait back then. Of course, my intuition didn’t go as far as to tell me why, but now, at the end of quite the rollercoaster, I feel like saying thank you for a couple of things.

I got help. When my schedule was too tight to translate my own books from English into German, heaven sent me a woman with just the right passion to take over the job. We clicked instantly and apart from the great job she did, I learned a lot from her. Not only about writing, but about myself. After working together on two books, I’m now confident enough to acknowledge my passion, my talent, and my perfectionism. I feel that I do have enough time to do both write and translate, and so I made a decision not long ago. My words should always be my own.


I met some people. Women who adored me, even though they didn’t know me. They traveled several hundred miles, just to spend a few personal hours with me. I can’t say how very much I’m flattered by this. And how very much I value those new friendships.

I got feedback. In early spring, I started sending out queries to German literary agents. And the response was overwhelming. People start to acknowledge me. For what I do and who I am. I got offers that I dreamed of for years. I had free choice. And I chose Sophie, a lovely agent who trusts in my work and in my skills. We’re a good team.

I have a followership. It’s funny how I denied my origin for so long. I love writing stories in English and I’ll keep doing that for as long as the muses talk to me. But in all that time, I neglected the fact that I have a strong German fan base as well. And even though that particular market is a lot smaller than the English one, it’s the one that currently drives me on to work harder, faster, and with more passion than ever. I put my books out there and the readership embraced me with all their love.

Writing is my passion. It’s my life, my air, my water, and my light. But I came to understand that all the writing in the world isn’t even half as satisfying if you do it only for yourself. Thanks to all my friends out there. My readers. My facebook buddies. My critique partner. My beta readers. My fellow authors. You make writing the best thing in the world!

If you promise to stay with me, I promise to keep writing. There are a thousand more stories in my head. Let’s see how many of them I get down on paper in 2016. And you know what? I think a movie deal is in the stars for me, too. I can feel it. 😉 I’m a dreamer. A believer. And if you believe in it with me, I know we can make it happen.

Here’s to a great New Year! May all your good wishes come true!

Be safe and be happy!

Love, Anna ❤

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