Taming Chloe Summers – the brand new cover!

Hey all bookish people!

I guess you’ve heard that I’m currently working on a spin-off from the Grover Beach Team series. Book 7 is in progress and I’m loving what I have so far. It’s got (without exaggeration) favorite-book-potential, I swear! LOL

As a special surprise, I’ve got the brand new cover ready for you. I hope you like it as much as I do because, frankly, I’m totally in love. And see? I kept my promise. Chloe Summers’ book cover is all around a fluffy pink. 😉

Taming Chloe


This time, Chloe Summers really screwed up.

After wrapping her car around a tree while driving drunk, she’s sentenced to 20 months of probation and 400 hours of community service. Her summer is shot to hell when she’s sent off to work at Camp Khlover to clock those hours.

Being a counselor to a bunch of thirteen-year-olds isn’t her idea of fun. But what do five weeks of camp matter if she’s free afterward forever? Right?

Wrong. She didn’t count on one tiny detail. Justin Andrews, head counselor.

The lanky boy from her memory is now one drool-worthy hunk—and the only one at camp who knows about her probation. Worse, he’s determined to use that knowledge to settle a score with her.


Oh boy, I’m telling you, once you turned the last page of this book, you’ll suffer from serious camp-withdrawles and want nothing more than to go back to the beginning and relive the whole summer with Justin and Chloe all over. (Yep, I’m swooning a little myself right now.)

Of course, I’ve brought a brief excerpt for you, too. Didn’t think I’d forget about that, did you? 😉


Julie is swinging our flag cheerfully as we walk back to the girls’ camp side, accompanied by Justin and Greyson because it’s late and dark and we have to go through the woods. The earlier breeze has grown into strong gusts of wind by now and, looking up at the starless sky, I suppose it will start to rain in just a few minutes. We better hurry.

“Are you cold?” Greyson asks me when I keep rubbing my upper arms to warm them. “I’m sure, Justin can lend you his jacket for the walk back.”

“There’s no need,” I tell him politely but scowl at Justin at the same time to stop him from any stupid ideas. From his stern look, he wasn’t thinking about it anyway.

At the next cold slap from the wind, I do start to envy Julie and Justin for bringing a jacket however. Greyson seems to be just fine with his T-shirt.

My chin dipped low to watch the path in the dark, I hear the boys whispering behind me and get a bad feeling about this.

“What?” Justin snaps at Greyson under his breath, but not low enough for Julie and me not to hear.

“She’s cold,” hisses Greyson.

Then a few illegible words are whispered, and finally Justin snorts. “All right, I get it, Grey,” he growls and comes forward to flank me. I don’t look up, but a second later, a warm hoodie is draped around my shoulders. Wearing Justin’s clothes is the last thing I want tonight, so I shrug, irritated. He only grabs my shoulders tight and holds the damn hoodie in place. “If you drop it,” he drawls a warning in my ear, “I’ll throw you over my shoulder, carry you to the frog pond, and dump you in the water.”

My gaze snaps to him in shock. His tilted eyebrows say that he means it. Fuming inwardly, I seal my lips closed and keep walking but angle away from him. He’s such an idiot, and someone should slap Greyson for getting me in this awkward situation in the first place.

But the annoying shivers from the cold wind stop when the warmth of the worn hoodie encloses me, and suddenly I can’t be mad at either of them anymore. Gripping the sides, I wrap it tighter around me. A soft smell creeps up my nostrils. It fills my head with images of Justin pressing me against the wall behind our cabin. I don’t want to be swamped there now, not when he’s walking so close beside me. With a hard swallow and shaking my head, I abandon those thoughts.

Relief floods me, when the three huts come into sight, because a moment ago, a couple of raindrops landed on my nose. I pick up pace, skipping up the three steps onto our porch, under shelter. Julie is right by my side. She tells the guys thanks for taking us and I mumble, “Goodnight.” Then I turned to walk inside.

“Chloe!” My hand already on the doorknob, Justin’s tight voice makes me freeze. Warily, I pivot. Standing at the bottom stair to our porch, he holds out his hand. “My hoodie.”

Oh, right. I pull it off my shoulders and toss it at him. His lips curled up in a scanty smile, he bites, “Thank you.” Then he turns and walks off, his hair quickly wetting in the falling rain.

“Night, girls,” Greyson says and hurries after him.

As Julie and I walk inside and she locks the door behind us, she cuts me an amused glance over her shoulder and teases, “Still not calling dibs on Justin?”

“No,” I snarl with a deep frown at her, grab my pajama shorts, and head into the bathroom.


More from this lovely couple in 2016! 😉


Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones!

Anna ❤


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