3 years Lisa & Ryan! Woohoo!


I want to start this post with 3 questions for all of you right away.

  1. Which book did you like better? PLAY WITH ME or RYAN HUNTER?
  2. Which of their covers did you like better?
  3. If both stories were boxed in a special edition, would you prefer the two books separately or an interwoven combination of both?

Why am I asking these questions? Well, because it’s birthday time! On December 21, PLAY WITH ME is 3 amazing years old. Boy, it really didn’t feel that long, LOL!

But for a special occasion, I think we need a special book, don’t we? 😉 I’m planning a boxed set to release on Christmas, but I need your help with a few details. And here come in the three questions of above. Would you care to give me your two cents in this matter?

Thanks and happy Christmas season to all of you! ❤



11 thoughts on “3 years Lisa & Ryan! Woohoo!

  1. I can’t choose between those two story’s! Both were fantastic!
    But I prefered the cover from Ryan Hunter and I think I would love the edition, where the two stories are interwoven.

    Happy Christimas days 🙂

  2. Ich mag Ryan Hunters Story und sein cover etwas lieber – beide Bücher sind allerdings toll!
    Eine vermischte Version wäre grandios.
    Bite auch auf deutsch 😉
    GLG Nicole

  3. Both were fantastic but I liked Ryan’s POV better. Please continue their story. I would like to follow their story through college just like Chris and Susan’s.

  4. I loved both books the same but is I had to pick which prospective I liked better it would probably be play with me (Lisa’s).
    I liked play with me ‘s book cover better.
    I liked the books both ways separated and interwoven.

  5. Ok Mrs. Anna, Question 1) I absolutely adored both books but, I’ve read Ryans POV more times than Lisa’s sooooo, Ryan Hunter.
    Question 2) I like play with me cover better.
    Question 3) It would be fun to have the two stories intertwined but, that’s just me😊.

  6. Mrs. Anna ma’am why dont you make half the book Mathews and the other half Hunter. Like the chapters switch off.
    Mathews, Hunter. Then repeat

  7. I did that for the German version, and it worked well. But the German version won’t be for purchase online. The English one will be, so I’m not sure I should combine them, because I have to cut a lot from either POV to make it flow. That said, I haven’t made a decision yet.

  8. my favourite book is ryan hunter the cover of both booksare very vry great. I hope your next book Comes next time in german!

  9. I love both books, so the first question is impossible to answer! But I think that I like the cover of Play with me more than the other… 🙂

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