Brand new place to hang out!

Trick or treat!

Hiya, how’s everyone doing tonight?

I’m still waiting for the first kids to ring the bell, so in the meantime, let me tell you about some important changes in my virtual world of writing.

A little while ago, I signed a contract with a German literary agency. They are shopping my books all around here, and with any luck the English print editions will make it to the USA soon, too. More visibility means more attention to my stories, and you know what that means, right? Exactly! A movie…maybe…sometime…hopefully…one day. ❤ Gee, please keep your fingers crossed for me. 🙂

The second big change is about my Facebook appearance. Because of my ever growing German fanbase, I decided to split my official Facebook site in two. The one you’ve known until now will continue to exist, but will be filled strictly with German posts from now on. For all my English, American, and other international fans, I set up a brand new place. Click on the picture and you’ll be redirected right away.


Boy, I love to hang out there and I hope all of you will come and visit me really soon. Don’t forget to like! 😉 Of course, there will be new snippets from my books, some giveaways, important information, and all that you already know from my former place. Nothing really changed for you, only the URL and you won’t have to search through tons of German posts anymore to find what you need. Happy? I hope you are. 🙂

To celebrate the start of this new site, I posted a GIVEAWAY for you there. It’s all about Likes and the first snow falling. 😉 Click on the picture to find the most simple rules and enter!

Olaf-LIKES engl

Okay, that was that. There’s someone at the door now, so I better go downstairs and hand out some candy. I don’t want to find my house wrapped in toilet paper tomorrow. 😉

Have a scary good night, everyone!


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