Chris goes online in two weeks!

Hi, all!

You’ve been patient with me for so long. Chris’s book took me like forever to write, but now I’m done, it’s thoroughly edited and proofread, my beta readers love it, and I thought, why wait until December? 😉

As of today, THE TROUBLE WITH DATING SUE has a new release date!

November, 6


You can pre-order it today or just get it when it’s out.

In case you didn’t yet one-click the previous books in the series…

Play With Me
Ryan Hunter
T is for…
Kiss with Charry Flavor
Dating Trouble
The Trouble with Dating Sue

Remember, the first book is still FREE! ❤

Happy reading!


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5 thoughts on “Chris goes online in two weeks!

  1. Hallo… kommt die deutsche Fassung dann auch früher raus? Oder müssen wir uns bis Heiligabend gedulden? GlG Nicole

  2. I just preordered The trouble with dating Sue, and I just can’t wait, thank you for writing such amazing books 🙂

  3. You know, just for that, I kind of love you right now (and the rest of the time for your books, but who cares)

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