How the GROVER BEACH TEAM series will continue

Hello my darling fan bubble!

I’ve had a weird night and a weirder day. The end of this tale is… The GBT series will step up a notch after Chris.

It all started with me designing a new cover last night. I though I should wrap the German translation of THE TROUBLE WITH DATING SUE into a new jacket. So I played around for hours on end until I had a book cover that I’m calling yet the best I ever made. It’s just so pretty and so lovely, and I realized, it was

1. too much “girly” for a boy-POV book, and

2. way too awesome to only use it for a German edition.

So that you get an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s a cover snippet for you. 🙂


So what are my options? I could either use it for both editions – but then the color sceme would still scream girl book in everybody’s face – or I could save it for a later story. And that’s what I’m actually going to do. I’ll hold this new cover back for Chloe’s book.

But that’s not all I have to tell you. Recently, I’ve been feeling the need for a change. I’ve written 6 books in the Grover Beach Team series, and that’s really a lot. I would like to try new stuff. Taking it up a notch to new adult. Not just kisses anymore but maybe a little more heat and steam in the books.

Don’t panic, I’ll definitely not go porn. But Chloe is an experienced girl and only kisses wouldn’t do her character justice. Having that said, I’m going to continue the series, but in a new way. The final books (because I know you’re dying to read about Chloe, Justin and Nick) will be like extractions from the series. They will be about the characters you know, but they won’t be in this sweet, innocent style anymore. Well, not completely anyway.

If I can go through with this idea, these books will not be numbered. They will just appear as standalones, with a reference to the GBT series. If, however, I’ll find out that I can’t write love scenes the way I would like to, everything will go back to normal. Time will tell how this is going to work out for Chloe, Justin, Nick and me. 😉

Happy end of summer!

From Anna

With love!

best seller

6 thoughts on “How the GROVER BEACH TEAM series will continue

  1. You could maybe make the new adult books for Chloe, Justin, and Nick like a spin off series. I think the girly cover would be good for Chloe because they always call her “the Barbie Clone”. Your covers are always good so I trust that it will be a good cover. I’m fine with the new books being new adult. I just don’t like reading scenes of characters sleeping or getting hot and heavy with other people besides the person they are supposed to be with in the book. Like I know Chloe is experienced and I’m sure Justin is too but I just wouldn’t want to see scene of them having sex with other people in their books.

    Have you started writing Peter’s book? There is a new Peter Pan movie coming out that looks good. It’s about when Peter first arrived to Neverland.

  2. I’m biting my nails for that new P.P. movie already. 🙂 And no, I haven’t started a new book in the Neverland series. Not sure, if I ever will. But if…I’ll know when it’s time and of course I will inform you all straight away. 🙂

  3. Hi Anna, das hört sich nach einem tollen Plan an, ich freue mich drauf. Liebe Grüße, Nina

  4. Okay, I saw the trailer for the new Peter movie and it made me think of you mentioning that you were going to write a story for Peter. I love Angelina and Jamie but I wouldn’t want them to get a third book because they are in a happy place. I hope that you will still write it someday but I get that you have other projects/books to write and I am looking forward to reading those books too. Anyway, the new movie does look really good.

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