Nick’s book


It’s funny how a simple song can change everything…


Last night, as I listened to this song, I closed my eyes and suddenly a bunch of scenes started to form in my mind. They were from a future book. The book has no title yet, so for now let’s just call it “Nick’s book.” 😉

Ever since I wrote T is for…, I knew that Nick Frederickson was worth his own story. He’d grown on me and, frankly, I think thousands of my fans would be very disappointed, if I didn’t write this book one day.

I had a few ideas and even wrote down a couple of plotlines in the past. But the scenes I saw in my head last night had nothing to do with that at all.

One thing I can tell you right away: Nick’s book will be more mature. It’ll be NA and no longer YA. I envision him around 23, assistant doctor at the UCLA Medical Center. There will also be a very sensitive love scene in the book, inspired by this song.

Because I recently decided to only ever write those books in the future that speak to me the loudest, it might very well happen that I’m working on this one before Choe’s planned story. Basically that means, there will be a gap in the numbering of the GROVER BEACH TEAM series, because Chloe Summers is definitely going to be book #7. It has to do with the chronological order of events. Nick’s book will be #8. However, if the fates will, I’m going to release it before book #7.

But please, don’t get all fidgety just yet. I might very well decide to write a vampire trilogy first.

Just thought you’d like to know. 😉

Happy fall, everyone!


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8 thoughts on “Nick’s book

  1. Yay! I was hoping Nick would get a book. I still can’t for Justin’s book. I’m okay with Nick’s coming out before Justin’s. Is Justin/Chloe’s book still going to take place in High School or College?

  2. If things go as planned, Justin’s and Chloe’s story will take place in high school. But, considering how some things change without warning, I’m not going to promise anything at this point. 😉

  3. Are justin and Chloe going to have the same book? And also are all the main characters going to be in Nick’s book?

  4. I can’t answer this yet, because I don’t know what comes at me once I’m starting the book. Most often things happen unexpectedly while writing. 🙂

  5. Okay so I am SO late to this but is Nicks book a thing yet? lol I just finished the others in the series and they were absolutely fantastic ❤

  6. No, unfortunately not. There’re so many other things going on right now, I can’t even think about a story for him. 3 other books need to be written first and then we will see…. 🙂

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