Amazon removes reviews

WHOA! I’m shocked speechless!

Some time ago, I tried to post a review for one of my favorite author’s books on Amazon. Needless to say, that I loved the book and would have rated if 5*. Well, Amazon didn’t let me.

Their reason to block my review was:

“Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product. Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased […].”

What the hell?

Today, I stumbled across a petition that’s currently making the rounds on Facebook. It’s addressing exactly that problem. Apparently, Amazon has a way to find out if you follow your favorite authors on Twitter, Facebook, or if you’re connected through any other social media. So what does that tell us about the situation?

  1. Mark Zuckz or some other moron is giving out that kind of information.
  2. Amazon does no want to support their authors.
  3. Amazon would rather see good authors go down with bad reviews, because it’s obviously okay for people who want ot harm the author to post total rubbish in 1* reviews.

This is horrible policy!

I don’t know what kind of people moved in to Amzon lately and came up with crap like that. But today I challenge them to take 2 minutes time and consider the following:

If a person buys a book from an unknown author and loves the story, they are encouraged to leave an honest review. They may or may not do it, but in many cases, they will stalk the author in the internet, follow them on Twitter, befriend them on Facebook and Instagram, travel to author-reader-conventions and get their books signed, or even just follow their blogs. If the story touches them, they want to get in touch with the author because they became real fans. They also want to receive updates on new releases. How would they get them if not following the author somehow?

And just because readers do all that, Amazon automatically assumes these persons and the author are best friends and any following review is fake.

Sorry, but where’s the logic in that?

I have 1.7k followers on my Facebook site. All these people come to my website regularly to read my rants. Some send me emails, some talk to me on a daily basis. Some want to meet me and bring their books so I can plant my signature into them. Some people just recognize me on the street and we have a quick chat.

I interact with everyone! These are my readers. The persons that actually are responsible for my career. The ones that buy my books and therefore allow me to continue being a full time author and write more books. It’s a symbiosis. I couldn’t write without them, and they couldn’t read some particular stories without me. We give and we take. BUT, dear Amazon, THAT DOES NOT MAKE US BEST FRIENDS!

I value each and every single one of my fans. I have a smile and a nice word for all of them. But I have three best friends in this world, and they all live just a couple hundret meters away from me. I don’t have 1.7k best friends because they are following me on Facebook. If they do, then because they really appreciate my writing.

FIRST came the book! SECOND was the contact.

  • No reader would follow an author if they didn’t truthfully loved their books.
  • People who don’t like a particular book will not get in touch with the author!
  • Amazon only sees the connection between authors and their fans.

Basically that means, sooner or later Amazon will only allow bad reviews.

Here’s the petition I signed this morning. If you think that Amazon is being wrong in this, sign it too.

Yours truly,



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