Summer musings…

Hi friends,

I didn’t talk to you in a while…okay, not true – I talk to you all the time on facebook, but I meant not here. So I thought it’s time to update you on my writing life and show you what I did last week.

Let’s start with the latter. Those who know me also know how much I love special encounters. A few years ago, I stepped into a pool with a dolphin. There are only few things in the world which can top that experience for me. This year, on my annual leave (we went to Fuerteventura/Spain), I met a new friend. Let me introduce you to Ted Gopher. 🙂 Ted was a hungry little fella and didn’t shy away from jumping on my lap to see what I got for him.


There was a whole bunch of these little guys and they came begging for food every day. It was the highlight of my summer holiday to make a little contact and feed them!


Now, on the writing side, I wrote a couple of chapters on Chris’s book before I left and will get back to work on Monday. The finishing line is still miles away, but I’m giving my all to make it there fast for you. I know how badly you want this book to come out.

After the release of The Trouble with Dating Sue, I’ll take a break from the Grover Beach Team series and start a new project. It’ll be the vampire story I told you about some time ago. A duology or maybe trilogy, I’m not sure yet, but it will be super romantic again and also something to coax a laugh or two from you. 😉


There’s also news about my career. I’m giving working with an agent another chance. Since April, I’ve been actively looking for a German literary agency to represent me on the German market. Yay to: I found one! My agent’s name is Sophie Wittmann from the Gerd F. Rumler Literary Agency, and she’s such a lovely young woman. She loves my books, do I have to say more? 🙂 If our partnership works well and we’re going to find a big German publisher, we might expand to the US book stores, too. So cross your fingers and squeeze in a prayer for me to gain ground on the print book market soon. You know, my next goal is Hollywood. 😉


So that was about all from my desk for now. I hope you all are having a beautiful summer, wherever you are. ❤

Sunny hugs,


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