Why Lisa & Ryan?

Hey there and hi everyone!

Let’s talk turkey for a moment.

I’m getting asked one particular question more often than you think is possible.

Will I write another book for Lisa & Ryan?

The answer to that request is a simple…maybe.

I could write another book for the two of them. In fact, I even played around with some plot ideas in the past. But the far more important thing is that YOU don’t want me to write another book for them, really.

Think about it. If I returned to their relationship, I would have to come up with a serious conflict that would make writing another book about them even worth it. What could such a conflict be? Since I’m a romance author and always focus on the “get together” of the main characters, something terrible would have to happen that causes a break-up first.

What could be bad enough o bring the two of them apart? Can you think of something? Because I can. But I promise you that you won’t like it when you actually read it. Your view of the perfect couple—lovely Lisa and swoonworthy Hunter—would change forever. Irrevocably. I don’t think that even re-reading the first two books about them again afterward could restore the fluffy, happy, sunshiny feeling that you have when you think about them now.

So please, do yourself a favor and don’t ask me to write another book about them. Because in the end, I just might.

And why do you want it so badly anyway? Don’t you trust me to create equally hot heartthrobs as Ryan Hunter? Seriously…?

😉 Anna


25 thoughts on “Why Lisa & Ryan?

  1. Dear Anna,


    I think the reason people asking you to write another book about Ryan and Lisa, Me, in particular i want them to have a happy ending, as in they got married and started their own family. I love their love story but being in High School there are a lot of challenges especially when they go to College . It’s nice to know that despite of all their challenges and trials/ conflicts they still end up together. Iam 40 years old hopeless romantic and i love the way you wrote their story but as an adult, i just dont like that their love just stayed in high school, some high school sweetheart doent end up together.

    Thank you for considering another book of Lisa and Ryan.

    Kind Regards,

  2. The main trouble with this is, that GBT is a high school series. If I take that next step, the entire content would change. That’s never a good idea. Why destroy something that works great and leaves people with a happy feeling.
    And I think that is one of the good parts about ending a story early. Everyone can dream up for themselves how the romance between the couple continues. 🙂

  3. No no no no no..
    No no no no no.
    No marriage.
    I am your hugest fan. Literally, I’ve read all your book about 20,000 times. BUT. Marriage buts a hopeless romantic teenager like me, off the whole book. Marriage is great and all. But it makes people feel like the romance has stopped, and the real life comes on, the rent, the taxes, the school for the kids. Annd. I never felt that Hunter was romantic, I mean sure, he had a huge crush on Lisa, but that was all, they just started dating, he didn’t earn her love. I love it when a guy works hard for a girl because he really wants her. Not just punching a guy in the face and having abs. Tony did all the work for him, he pushed Lisa away and lisa just fell into his non-deserving arms. Honestly, I think Lisa and Tony would be better together. Tony would do anything for Lisa. Thats just my opinion.

  4. OMG, I just had to write something when I saw this post. Please do not write another book for Ryan and Liza! I love Ryan and Liza as a couple and would not want them to get another book because I love them. It could ruin them for me. I always worry when an author writes another book for a couple after they get their HEA because it means more drama. Ryan has suffered enough waiting for Liza to notice him. He has spent more than enough time waiting for her. I wouldn’t want him to spend any more time having to wait for her all over again. He already had to wait like 9 years. He never thought that he would get a chance with her so I do not think that he would do anything to jeopardize their relationship. Why mess with a good thing? It wouldn’t make sense to break them up and it would make it seem like their relationship wasn’t as strong as I thought it was.

    I know a lot of people love Ryan and Liza and want another story for them. That is the case with a lot of books. It frustrates me when fans want more stories for a couple after they already had their HEA. They have been through enough and are happy just let them be happy. At times it frustrates me when authors write more stories for couples after they are happy together because of the drama often involved. This just happened with another book. The couple got their HEA and the author decided to write another story for them and broke them up. There are fans who want more books for a couple because I guess they love drama. There are a lot of fans who don’t want another story for a couple that they love.

    I don’t always trust in the HEA as much if a couple gets another story and breaks up after they already got what seemed like their HEA. It would make me wonder about the other couples. Like would their relationships be in jeopardy to .

    I wouldn’t mind it if you would write a bonus seen or something like that so fans would get a little more of Ryan and Liza but without drama. When I read Susan’s epilogue, I wished we could see a little of Ryan and Liza at that point. I absolutely would not want another full book for Ryan and Liza. You could write an additional epilogue down the road like with Susan but not add another story with unnecessary drama. Another character interview with them would be fine. You could write a cute short story about their wedding with funny mishaps or Ryan/Liza have an unplanned pregnancy because Liza’s Dad would flip over that etc… Something like that I wouldn’t mind. Also, Ryan and Liza are in plenty of the other books. Fans still get to see a good bit of them. I think a bonus scene with something nice would be a good medium and maybe some fans who want another book would be happy with that. Sometimes authors do bonus scenes as pre-order incentives.

    In the past you said that you had no plans to write another book for Ryan and Liza because you were happy with the way their story ended and it would just mean more drama. There are always going to be people who want another book for a couple but I feel like it could be at the expense of the couple. Part of the reason that I like your books is that there isn’t too much drama and they aren’t too stressful. I loved that Play with me wasn’t too heavy. It was cute and fun to read. Another book with Ryan and Liza where they break up or there was a love triangle would be extremely stressful and upsetting to read.

    There are fans that want another story for them and get mad because you write stories for other couples but you have other characters with stories to tell too like Justin and Peter and maybe Nick etc…. Also, there are a lot of fans who would be upset if you did write another story for Liza and Ryan because of potential “unnecessary drama”. You have a lot of other great books that you want to write. I’m good with Ryan and Liza being side characters. I wouldn’t mind seeing a scene of them married or something like that but please no other book for them. I don’t feel that it is necessary for them to have another story so why stir up drama just for the sake of drama. I feel like it could end up being one of those “be careful what you wish for” things for fans who want another book of them.

    This is coming from a place of love for Ryan and Liza. A part of the reason I love them as a couple is because they have a sweet relationship and they are a fun couple. It was hard enough seeing how upset Ryan was in his book over his love for Liza not being reciprocated for years. I love them as a couple and poor Ryan has suffered enough over his years of unrequited love for Liza. Why make the poor guy suffer more when he had so much hurt already. I would think Liza was crazy if she broke up with Hunter because she won’t find a guy as devoted to her as Hunter. I really like Liza and usually the heroines in stories where there is a love triangle annoy me but she didn’t really annoy me. She was still very likable but if she broke up with Ryan I don’t think that I would like her as much. I can’t see Ryan ever letting Liza go and Ryan even said that to Tony in Tony’s book. Ryan said in Tony’s book, “Definitely no other girl is like Liza. So stop the hell waiting for her, because I don’t intend to let her go.” I would not want to read a book with them dating other people or one of them emotionally or physically cheating etc… It would make no sense to me for them to get a book where they break up or someone else coming between them. That is a big book peeve for a lot of people to when the couple breaks up and they have to watch them date other people. Please just let Ryan and Liza be happy. I love Ryan and Liza and I don’t want to dislike them. Again this just comes from a place of love for Ryan and Liza.

    Sorry for the length. I just freaked out when I saw that because I love Ryan and Liza together so much. I love other couples of yours too. Like I said Peter has a story too and Justin/Cloey (I am sure there will be plenty of drama from Cloey). Ryan is Justin’s best friend so he could be in a good bit of his book. There is the story from Chris’s pov. I loved Chris and Jamie as much or almost as much as Ryan.

  5. Liza,

    That is why I don’t want them to get another story because they are happy now. If they got another story there is a good chance that they would break up and there could be tons of what I deem as “unecessary drama”. I love them so I don’t want them to have another story. I get that fans want more stories with couples that they love but a lot of times wanting that comes with a price. A lot of times authors do write another story and the story gets tainted or I end up liking the couples less. Sometimes I end up not reading the story at all.

    I think a happy alternative is to write a bonus scene or a couple or a really short story to catch up with them like of their wedding that way there wouldn’t be tons of drama and the drama could be something cute like wedding mishaps. They are still in the books a good bit as side characters. I would like to see Ryan and Liza married but only as like a bonus scene from their pov. I do not want another full length or long novella for them. The other characters books could show that they are still together. Justin and Cloey still have their book. There are ways to catch up with them and keep them happy without needing another book. Character interviews are great for blog tours. I’m content with Ryan and Liza as side characters from now on why rock the boat and mess up something good. Seriously, Play with Me is the perfect books to read after reading something heavy and Ryan/Liza are so funny together. A book filled with drama could suck the fun and special dynamic that they have together. It could really taint the beginning stories. If Ryan and Liza broke up in a new book for them I wouldn’t be able to read Play with Me in the same way that I read it before. I feel like it could take something away from it.

    Anna has a lot of other great male leads like Jaime in her Peter Pan series. Chris is awesome too. I really like Ryan’s friend Justin. Justin is supposed to get a book too.

  6. The whole reason why Ryan never went after Liza sooner was because of Tony. He was always loyal to Tony and everyone saw Liza as “Tony’s girl”. Ryan felt like he would be betraying Tony by going after Liza. After Tony started seeing Cloey all bets were off. Also, Ryan never thought Liza would be into him because she was so caught up in Tony. Those were the reason’s Ryan never turned on the charm and tried to win Liza sooner. I’m sure Ryan would love for Liza to be “Mrs. Hunter” someday. I’m sure he would want her to have his last name. Ryan would do anything for Liza. He was willing to walk away from her if he thought that Tony was who she really wanted. Ryan even tried to worn Tony that he could lose a chance with Liza by seeing Cloey and Ryan did that to his own expense. Ryan gained nothing by giving Tony advice about how Cloey wasn’t right for him. Tony was the one being selfish. I still like Tony but he hurt a lot of people even though he didn’t mean too. Yes, I agree that Tony would do a lot for Liza but Hunter always goes above and beyond for her. It’s true not everyone has to get married but I see that for Ryan and Liza. That is just my opinion.

  7. Here’s why I haven’t mentioned Lisa and Ryan in Susan’s epilogue. The entire series isn’t finished yet. Like I said, I played around with plot ideas for their book and for others. If I had mentioned everyone of the previous books, I would have set a course that wouldn’t be changable in the future. So what if I said they are married and in the end I DO want to write another book where they aren’t at that time?
    Guys, you need to understand that there’s a time for everything. If I feel it’s right to write another book for L&R, I will. If not then not. 😉 The only thing I wish for is that my readers and especially my greatest fans would stop asking me for this one particular book. I think I can do a good job with other books, too. 😉 Just saying…

  8. I hate to pull this card but
    Ryan didn’t know Lisa.
    At all, this whole, love at first sight thing is purely physical. All he saw was a pretty face. It isn’t possible to be in love with a pretty face. Tony was Lisa’s best friend. Sure, Tony made mista- wait. Hold up. Rewind. Go back a little bit. He DIDN’T make mistakes. He went for Chloe when he didn’t know Lisa was into him. Sure, when Lisa told him and he still went for Chloe, that was a mistake. But that’s normal, he came back in a few hours when he DIDN’T sleep with Chloe. Didn’t. Sleep. And when he came back, Lisa’s years of feelings for Tony just dissipated because he DIDN’T SLEEP WITH CHLOE. Tony knew Lisa. Ryan didn’t. As well as Lisa didn’t know Ryan. Tony made one mistake, but he knew he loved Lisa the whole time.
    That’s just my opinion.

  9. Okay, guys, I think it’s time to intervene. Please remember that this is all just a book. Fiction. Something I totally made up. I don’t want anyone to start a serious and intense argument about it. Not over a fiction book. Be happy and enjoy reading. Don’t get stressed over it too much. 🙂

  10. And just for the record: If Lisa had known that Tony didn’t sleep with Chloe after all, she would still have chosen Ryan. Because she had fallen in love with him, like really in love and not keeping an infatuation from kindergarten upright that she thought was the ultimate romance.
    But that’s it. End of discussion. Let’s all go and read a happy book now, shall we? 😀

  11. Again sorry for the long reply. I got to the “maybe” in your post above and kind of freaked out and didn’t read the rest before I wrote my response but I still feel the same way. I just always worry when an author decides to write another story for a couple that I love because I fear those reasons you stated above. I’m good with Ryan and Liza just being side characters. I like them happy. You do have a lot of other great characters that I am curious about like Justin and Peter. 🙂

    I liked that Vampire story you had on the side a while back. I think it was Kiss Me Vampire or something like that. I didn’t get to read the whole thing but it had interesting concepts in it like with aging etc… You should consider publishing that sometime.

  12. I figured that you didn’t write about the other characters much in the Epilogue because there were still more stories for other characters. Plus, it was Susan and Chris’s epilogue. I just meant that the epilogue made me curious about what Ryan and Liza were up to at that point. I definitely am not in the fan camp that wants another book for Ryan and Liza just because I don’t want their relationship to be ruined or tampered with. 🙂

  13. I love all of your books so much! They make me so delighted every time I read them or even think about them. I would love if you made another book about Lisa and Ryan because those two together make me smile nonstop. If the problem in the book tore them apart though I would hate it and probably cry for days. I still want all my happy couples together. Nobody wants a sad ending or a problem that makes it very hard to forgive a character. If Ryan or Lisa cheated on each other I wouldn’t be able to take it.
    I think that when you are coming to the end of the Team Grover Beach series you should write basically a final ending book. In the book you would dedicate 3 or 4 chapters to each couple to see where they are in their life. I don’t care if it is when the couples are in college, getting married or retired. I think it would be enough to make your readers happy. I think we just need a few chapters from each couple to reassure us that they are still happy and funny and to make sure Ryan Hunter is still as charming as he was in the beginning. If you just made one big book with all the happy endings I know I would be satisfied, as long as you still bring all the charming Grover Beach boys.

  14. This might be a stupid question for this post particularly but I have to ask. Why did Liza’s name change to Lisa midway through the series? This got to be annoying for only me I guess through out reading dating trouble. I know its stupid to get hung up on it but I was just wondering if there was a reason for the change?

  15. Hi Anna!! Love your books!
    You are very right, I so totally don’t want you to write another book for them, I’m quite happy with both their books and also with the glimpses of them you give us in your other books 😉 So please don’t, at least not if it’s at the expense of their relationship 🙂 sorry for any English mistakes xoxo

  16. I agree that you should not write another book for Lisa and Ryan, but I think we all miss them, so we would like to see things from their point of view from time to time; and, at least from me, it would also be nice to hear from the other guys on the series.

    Maybe it would be possible to add a chapter here and there on the books about the gang plotting to help out with the new relationships forming… I think short snipets like that would be fun and they would not really alter the series, they would just quench our thirst 😛

    I am not sure how that would fit into your plans but I thought it would be fun

  17. I personally never wanted another book of Lisa and Ryan, but I do want more of them. I know they ended up together, but I would have loved an epilogue of a couple of years after, knowing for sure that they did got their happily ever after. Don’t you think it’s quite unfair sue and chris got it but they didn’t? Did their love survive college? Did they got married? They have kids? Do they still talk/see the rest of the gang? It would be amazing if you could write a short story or a novella telling us this things without the whole break up thing or a mayor problem, just a couple of senteces that tell us this things. Can you please consider doing that? I love them too much to not know what their future is. PS: I loved the epilogue of sue, knowing about the twins was just epic

  18. You get another glimpse into Lisa’s future in Chris’s epilogue which I updated the book with. You can also read it on my website under bonus material.
    And no, I’ won’t consider the idea of writing another book or even just a novella for them. Please try to understand me. Their story is told and I have so many more stories in my head which I’d love to write down. But I can’t if I’m constantly returning to just one couple you like. Also, everything that’s being unnecessarily extended will lose impact. It will destroy the good feeling you have about them after finishing the book. I’m not going to do this to any of my stories.
    Sorry, I know this is not the answer you’ve hoped for, but it’s the only one I can give.

  19. Can you tell me what Ryan read from Liza diary( I coudnt get the whole book online for fee)
    Ps: Can you make awebsite for that please?

  20. There’s a reason why you can’t get the whole book for free. If you did, I couldn’t be an author any longer, because I would lose my income. 😉
    I hope you can understand why I can’t post it online.

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