Ready for love

Let’s talk about peace for a moment.

❤ about love…compassion…acceptance…whatever… ❤


Over the past few years, one theme dominated the news. Terror.

Bomb attacks, massacres, chemical ware fare, nuclear weapons, hatred and destruction.

I reached a point where I can’t stand it any longer. I’m done with this nonsense!

Until today, I used to hide in my writing room and in my wonderful stories to escape the cruelty outside. And here, I live in a country where there’s no war, where most people have a home and enough food to eat. In a country where everyone can speak their mind without running the risk of being decapitated for it. I’m one of the lucky ones.

But like you, I also live on planet Earth. And I’m seriously pissed at how some people act on this planet.

Guys! It’s not yours! You’re here for a few decades only. And at the end of our stay, each of us will be buried in the same dirt. So why do we have to waste the time we have with trying to give each other hell?

Believe me, there is another way!! Do you understand me? For those who are hard of hearing, I’ll say it again. THERE’S ANOTHER WAY!!

When I was little, my mother taught me one very simple thing.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

A guideline for peaceful life.

It’s simple as that. And it really is simple. It’s not about giving up all your luxury or living a life as a Tibetan monk. It’s about one thing only: Don’t willfully hurt anybody.

I don’t know why some humans become beasts and others don’t, but at the end of the day, everyone suffers because of it.

I’m sick of it. Aren’t you?

No matter what they are: rapists, robbers, terrorists, child abusers, animal torturers, fanatics, a corrupt industry, or ruthless leaders—they all destroy our only chance to live in harmony and without fear.

My father took this line from someone I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter, because I’ll never forget what he once said to me.

“Just imagine there’s war…and nobody goes.”

That would make fine news, don’t you think?

Exploitation, greed, or boredom. I won’t go into detail why so many people always do the meanest things. Instead I’m going to show you a very easy way to make a change. To give us all a chance to a peaceful life.

I mentioned it before. Do you remember?

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

If you’re a friendly and pacified person like I am, then this sure is not a problem for you – and I’m damned happy that you’re out there! If you ever pulled a cat’s tail, however, just because you were bored and didn’t know what else to do, or if as a child you continuously bullied smaller kids just because you could, then please, read this one line again. Very, very slowly. And try to get the meaning of it.

I’ll make it easy for you and just type it again.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Do you want to be bullied around at the campus? Do you want somebody to hit you over the head with a baseball bat while his friend videotapes it to later upload it to YouTube? Do you wish to be thrown into an Asian prison camp, where the jail guards hang you over naked flames and laugh at your pain?

Do you wish to be raped by an elephant? Because for a toddler it sure feels like that when they are being abused.

No one deserves that, especially not just because you think they do. Now pull yourself together, guys! Please!

World peace. What a fantastic word.

Why doesn’t it happen? I tell you why. Because so many people don’t give a damn about others. Because they wouldn’t take this simple guideline to heart.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Can we try this for just one day?

One simple day, on which no one tortures, dismembers, hurts, bullies, poisons, slams, shoots, cheats on, or insults someone else?

Just one day.

What do you think will happen? Frankly, I have no idea. But I’m sure it’ll be the best day we ever had.

You probably think this is impossible. That I can’t move the entire world. Perhaps you’re right. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m ready to give it a try! For the sake of all of us. This is too important to listen to somebody telling me I can’t. But to move a great crowd in the right direction, you have to start somewhere.

I don’t know how many of you will read this. Ten, maybe twenty. Could also be a thousand. In the end it doesn’t matter. As long as one or two of you do and understand what it takes, then forward this simple message.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Translate it into every language you know. Post. Repost. Share. Shout it out to everybody. Paint it on walls. And whisper it in your children’s ears before they go to sleep. It doesn’t matter how, who, or where. Just be part of something big and help manifest a beautiful collective thought.

“Do unto others…” You already know how this line ends, don’t you?

Just one day. Where we all stand together. A day where we give our very best.

All you have to do is be nice and friendly to whoever comes your way. Imagine everybody puts their weapons down and war and terror take a break. If this project is going to be successful, that will be 24 hours without violence on a surface area of 510 million square kilometers. Believe in it!

And if we’re going to be successful and you all enjoyed that one day without violence, well, who knows…we just might add another. 😉

❤ Who’s with me? ❤

Smiles 🙂


One thought on “Ready for love

  1. I’m totally with you. It’s like someone just said what I’ve always had on my mind!
    I really hope that this is going to be successful!!!

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