What is happiness?

A while ago, I heard this lovely story about a group of students learning what happiness really meant in a simple experiment.

I don’t even know what the course was about, but at some point the professor gave each person in the auditorium a balloon, telling them that it stands for their very own happiness. They all were the same color. He asked his students to write their name on their balloon and then toss it into the smaller room next door. All 300 or so kids did as he said.

Afterward, he told them to go find their own balloon in the room, but they only had 5 minutes to do so. The students rushed inside, bumped into each other, shoved other students around, searching frantically for their name on each balloon. But no one had found it when the 5 minutes were over.

“Not easy to find something as small in a jungle this big, huh?” the professor said and smiled. “Now, why don’t we try something different?” He led his students back into the room and told them to hand each balloon they grabbed to the person it belonged. Within minutes, each student was holding his own balloon in their hands.

At the end of the experiment, the professor explained, “This is the story of life. Every person is only looking as far as to find his very own happiness. No one thinks about others. But if we help the people around us finding their happiness, we will be rewarded with our own.”

Our happiness lies in the happiness of others. It’s that simple. 🙂


Be happy! ❤


One thought on “What is happiness?

  1. So beautiful example!!! Thank you Anna for this really pretty way to start my saturday… Lots of hugs to you!

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