You’re in control of a movie!

NEVERLAND can be made into a movie!!!

If only you’ll help me a little…

So many of you consequently ask me when my books will finally be turned into motion pictures. Now, that’s not in my hand. But with a little luck and your help, this dream can become reality really fast.

Book to movie!
Book to movie!

If you loved even just one of my books, please do me a favor. It’s a small favor, taking you no more than 5 seconds. That’s not much compared to the 6 months I take to write the next big book for you, right? 🙂

Now, let me tell you what you can do and what you’ll get for your help.

There’s a thing called the IF-LIST in the web. People post books there, which they want HOLLYWOOD to turn into movies. With enough supporters, one of the big studios might listen up.


It’s so simple.

Hopp over, sign up (you can do that with your facebook in two seconds), and support NEVERLAND. Ask all your friends, family memebers and anybody who owes you a favor to do the same, please!!! Share this link, share the ads, shout it out on facebook or just tell everyone in your home town about it. It’s worth it, I promise! Some of the big stories have been discovered by the studios that way.

And it’s fun, too. Be creative and suggest the actors you think would fit the characters best. I’m so curious how you imagine my heroes. ^^

Once there are 3000 supporters listed for Neverland, I’ll present that to Warner Bros. They have to hear me then, they just have to. Period.

Also, 3000 is the number that starts a really big giveaway. As soon as that group of supporters for Neverland is reached, I’ll give out 30 x $20 Amazon gift cards and 10 signed copies of a book of your choice. Sound good?

Great. And now…go. GO! 🙂


Thank you! ❤

Also, there are more things you can do to make your favorite authors write the next book for you really fast. What that is? Check it out:

  • Buy the books.
  • Leave nice reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.
  • Connect with the author on social media and tell her how you liked the stories.
  • Talk about the author and her books on facebook and your blog.
  • Recommend the books to your friends. Goodreads is great that way. It lets you do it with one simple click. (top right corner of the book page)
  • Like and share the cinematic book trailers:

Summer of my Secret Angel

Play With Me

  • Share all the ads and links the author posts on her website or facebook.
  • Tweet about your favorite author.
  • Gush over the book on twitter and add Warner Bros. to the tweet.
  • Support other books on the IF LIST.




And remember, it’s those little things that make me try to finish the next book in record time for you. ❤



9 thoughts on “You’re in control of a movie!

  1. Omg I can’t believe it I am so in love with this book and now isn’t going to be a movie! This is going to be amazing if play with me or Ryan Hunter gets turned in to a movie I will freak. Can’t wait to see it thank you for so many incredible books.

  2. Das hoffe ich auch! 🙂 Je mehr Leute mir bei dieser IF-Liste helfen, um so wahrscheinlicher wirds. Ich habe auch schon einen genauen Schlachtplan ausgeheckt. Den präsentiere ich nächste Woche. 🙂
    Also, bis dahin bitte SUPPORT klicken und alle die du kennst ebenfalls dazu motivieren. 😀

  3. what do i need to do to help make a movie i never read and fell in love with Lisa and especially Ryan 😍 please tell me how i can help.

  4. Lots of awesome reviews on Amazon would help in a way, because it would make the right people aware that these are books that have a wide audience. But it’s hard…

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