Happy End

Whoa, I’m so ready for this year to wrap up and be over…

No, not because it was a bad year for me. Quite the opposite. I achieved so much, I wrote so much, I changed my private situation much for the better. But still. I always love when things come to an end (I guess that’s an author thing) and something new begins.

Now, I want to give you an idea of what (writer-wise) I have planned for 2015:

Dating Trouble is finished and with my editor right now. It will release on Valentine’s day 2015. DTOh yeah, you can preorder it already.

I’m currently translating Neverland, Pan’s Revenge, and Dating Trouble into German. This will keep me busy until early summer 2015 and the books will release in a 3 month interval on the German market, starting with March 4th.

After that I’m writing the companion book to Dating Trouble – yes, totally from the guy’s POV! 🙂 I don’t know how long this book is going to take me to write or how long it will be in the end, but my goal is to release it before Christmas 2015, if I can.

I will also translate it into German right afterward. The book cover is already done, by the way. If you liked the cover for Dating Trouble, you’ll loooove this one. ❤ And no, I’m not going to tell you the title of the book just yet. You’ll find out at the end of Susan’s book, though.

All right, and since you guys always seem to be burning for more news about the Grover Beach Team series, here’s what will come at you in 2016. Just a sneak peek, you know. 😉

Chloe Summers is going find her one and only true love. This book will be as long and Dating Trouble (over 100,000 words), but it will have both POV’s combined in one book again. It just makes sense in their story, like it did in Tony’s and Sam’s.

Many of you would love a story for Nick Frederickson as well. Frankly, me too. But as of yet, I have absolutely no idea what his book could be about. Then again, it’s just not the time to think of his HEA anyway, with all the many books on my to-do-list, but I’m sure, once everything is written and my mind is free, the guy will start talking in my head, like all the others did when they got their great moment on stage. So don’t worry…the series will continue for a little longer.

And…I already have major ideas for the final book, but I’m not going to tell you just yet about who it will be. 😉

Well, that’s a lot to do for me in the next couple of years, and then I still have about 5 ideas for books that are not part of the GBT series, but I have a feeling they’ll stay backburners for just a while longer.

Happy End!



6 thoughts on “Happy End

  1. I’ve read all your books. I just re-read Neverland and Pan’s Revenge (they’re my favorite). Can’t wait for your next book!

  2. Why should they not be happy? I think it came out clear in the epilogue, how much they liked their new situation. Please don’t give spoilers in this place.

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