It’s so simple. It’s Christmas.

A wise woman once told me that Earth is a planet of trial and error. We’ve been given this world to learn…

To learn who we are.

To learn what we can do.

To learn where we can go if we do it right.

To learn how it feels to fail, to fall, and to stand up again.

To learn to love and forgive.

To learn to accept.

To learn that we’re light and love.

And to learn to act upon it.

Now, I tell you, it’s in our hands how fast we learn all these things. Times of war and pain have lasted for so long. Let’s stop it today. Now. Send out a smile to people you pass by on the street. Send out love to those who lost it. And send out light to those who wander in the dark.

Put your anger, your hatred, your greed and your weapons down.

It’s time.

It’s Christmas.

If not now…then when?


I have a simple wish for Christmas. ❤


I have a simple thought on Christmas. ❤


I have a simple message for Christmas. ❤

I simply do this on Christmas. ❤


And you can do it, too, if you think it’s time. ❤

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