Author spotlight: Cora Blu

The Friday night light shines on my friend and author, Cora Blu! Go tell them about your underwater hotties, Cora! 😉


Thanks, Anna, for the invite.

It’s Shark Week…yeah baby.

me_edited-1My name is Cora Blu and I write contemporary and underwater paranormal interracial/multicultural romance. A mouth full. I won’t talk about all of them but as this is shark week in the states, and tiger shark shifters run my underwater world, so I’ll give you a little taste.

The Brothers of Element Series follows six tiger shark brothers that rule over different bodies of water around the world. Shape shifting from human form to tiger shark – but their source of shifting has stopped growing. Clear Coral. With all the pollution in our oceans, it’s struggling to maintain the power to cause their abillity to change form.

To feed Clear Coral each brother must find his life mate, appointed through a dream, and convince her to be his mate and bond. Not all mates are shifters.

Dagger, the keeper of the Coral, found his mate when he was fourteen, so he must wait for her to come of age. Ten years later, he makes his move.

To add a twist to my stories my heroines ethnicity reflect the region the brother governs as king.


Dagger’s mate: Drew, African American, hails from South Carolina, USA.

Blade’s mate: Miyuki, Japanese, hails from Sea of Japan. She’s already a shifter.

Ridge’s mate: Svetlana, Russian/Alaskan, hails from Alaska. (Book releasing September 2014)


The underwater world is a totally functioning society with all the trappings of a sexy romance with issues relevant in the ocean. Not everyone wants a human in their waters nor are the Bartholomew brothers friends to all shifters.


Dagger, book I, a full novel, is on sale through the end of the month for $.99. I would love to know how you like it.


Love, Cora Blu.

You can find me at

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