Author spotlight: Annie Cosby

Today, let me introduce you to my wonderful editor and proofreader, and also fellow writer, Annie Cosby!

Your audience is ready for you, Annie!


Dia duit, everybody! My name is Annie Cosby, and I write YA fiction with a little magic and a lot of Irish folklore. So nice to meet you! 🙂


I wanted to tell you about my debut novel, Learning to Swim. I’m originally from St. Louis, Mo., but I’ve lived in Ireland for a few years now and I’ve been so excited to share the selkie myth with YA readers!

selkie-womanSelkies are seals that are able to shed their animal skin and live as humans on land, and in Learning to Swim, Cora meets an old woman who claims to be just that.

Of course the whole town thinks the woman is nuts—including Cora—but she decides to listen to the woman’s crazy stories anyway. And she’s not the only one—she meets a gorgeous boy named Ronan who indulges the fairy tales, too.


Learning to Swim is the first book in the Hearts Out of Water series and it’s getting great reviews—USA Today called it:

Darkly romantic

I would be honored if you’d give it a go!

You’ll even learn a bit of the Irish language.




You can read more about the book here: Amazon | Goodreads




And check out my other books at!




Do you have a favorite myth—Irish or otherwise? I’d love to hear about it! Tweet me at @AnnieCosby or drop me a line on Who knows, I might even share some darned cute buttons and bookmarks I just got! 😉


♡ Annie

P.S. A big thanks to Anna for having me!



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