I screwed up

Oh boy, do I have to tell you something!

You know how I spelled Liza Matthews’ name with a Z all this time? And you know how I’m not from the US but from Austria/Europe and how somethimes we pronounce things differently here than the Americans do?

Well… I totally screwed up in PLAY WITH ME.Coraline__What__d_You_Call_Me__by_Graystripe64

Liza was always meant to be said like Lee-zuh. If the name ever sounded like Lie-zuh in your mind, please know that I’m super sorry for spelling it just the wrong way. Of course, if you like that pronunciation better, you can stick with it, but you should know that I made changes throughout the Grover Beach Team series and now her name is spelled Lisa in all books, just like it should sound.

Yeah. That’s actually all. Thanks for listening. 😛




5 thoughts on “I screwed up

  1. I always assumed it was pronounced Lie-zuh like Liza Minnelli. I liked the name pronounced like that. I’m so used to reading it like that so I will probably still think of it as that out of habit. I thought it was different.

  2. it’s crazy isn’t it – I’m from the UK and had always though of Liza as Lee-zuh like you did. And Lisa is more Lee-saa over here. *sigh* can’t win them all 🙂

  3. Yeah, it is crazy. I guess I should have called her Lyza. That’s probabyl the pronunciation I want, but I’m not going to change anything again, LOL

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