Hey everyone!

I have important news which basically concern all the fans of my Grover Beach Team series.

In the process of translating T IS FOR… into German, I was once again reminded of how long this book really is. With its length (3 times as long as Play With Me) it doesn’t quite fit into the series.

On another note, Liza and Ryan’s story was told in two books. I’ll repeat this with Susan’s book and probably with Chloe’s too. You see, there will always be companion books for each separate story.

For this reason, I decided to split T IS FOR… up into two books!

I pulled it down from all the Internet retailers and will make appropriate changes over the next few weeks. The book will run through another professional edit as well.

Beware, there will be no new text added.

I’ll only break up the book in the middle and make two books out of a long story. When all is finished, I’ll re-release both books within a short time. The cover for the first part will stay the same. The cover for the second part will have a new title and different colors but the motive will stay the same. So it will look signiffically different but at the same time similar enough for anyone to recognice that the books belong together.

This is most important for those of you who already read T IS FOR… because even if I’ll add a warning in the blurb at Amazon and all the other sales platforms, there’s a chance you might get confused about the sudden appearance of Book 4. For you, Book 5 is the one you want to buy next. 🙂


I hope I’m not causing too much confusion with this change, but sometimes things just need to go by a certain consistancy.

Happy reading and thanks for being such wonderful fans! ❤




9 thoughts on “DON’T PANIC!

  1. I’m a little confused. Is T is for Total Jerk all going to be in Sam’s pov and there will now be a second book in Tony’s pov like Ryans? Does this mean there will be added scenes and scenes cut out. I’d be nice if there was an epilogue that went a little further like Ryan’s did. Will that scene where Tony first met Sam (shown from Tony’s) was posted on this site be put in the book? There were some scenes in the book that I wanted to see in Tony’s pov so that would be nice. I do like dual povs.

  2. No, there will be nothing at all changed about the text. I’ll only split the book in half and make two of it. That’s all. You don’t have to buy these books again as there will be nothing new for you in them.

  3. I wanted to buy the paperback version though because I liked the cover so will I have to buy two books then? I think that might be confusing to new fans who read the book if they have to buy the book in two parts because it is technically one book/story Play with Me was a novella so it should be shorter. Tony’s story was more a full length novel. When Susan’s story comes out will the first book just be in her pov and the second one in the guys pov? Sorry for all the questions.

  4. For new fans it’ll actually be the least confusing, because they don’t know it otherwise. It’s the old fans I’m a little worried about. But everyone who’s checking my sites regularly will know what’s going on. Also, the description on Amazon will come with a fair warning. Now I trust in people to be clever enought to figure it out. It’s not that difficult, really. 😉

    And yes, there will be two paperbacks, too. 😉

  5. “Will that scene where Tony first met Sam (shown from Tony’s) was posted on this site” <– Can I still read this scene on this site or is this off again?

  6. No, that scene won’t be posted again on my site. I took it off because I didn’t use it in my book and it didn’t fit the story line as it is now. Sorry 🙂

  7. Well, darn. I didn’t read this email earlier and pre ordered both new books because I thought there was going to be something new… Oh well.

  8. Don’t panic, Amazon let’s you return the book.
    Also, it was all in the blurb. Didn’t you get the names and the story from there? 😉

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