Off to Neverland…

Hey reading folks!

Here’s a wholly new take on the story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up…

You know my soft spot for bad boys in a romance. In this novel I got a go at the meanest and hottest of them all. You don’t believe me? Well then…

…meet Captain Hook!

ad Neverland

Watch the book trailer!  The book is available on Amazon, you know. 😉



7 thoughts on “Off to Neverland…

  1. I absolutely love this book! I downloaded it two days ago and I am done reading. You have a great skill to create this world and I always loved the idea that Hook is not like Disney wants us to see him 😉 So, don’t read this comment or any that will follow…just get on your desk and continue this awesome journey. Thanks for sharing your fantasy and take care.

  2. Ha ha ha! Well, it won’t kill me to take a one-minute break from writing and read what you said. 😉
    But I’ll go back to work now and hope to have book 2 finished at the beginning of summer. 🙂

  3. I just downed this book in one night because it was so brilliant and addicting 🙂 I can’t wait for the second one! Great job!

  4. I just sat down and read this in one afternoon! I cannot wait for the sequel! Such a cute and captivating take on this classic story.

  5. This is such a cool book! Jane Austen said a well written book always feels too short. And this was way to short. It is my favourite book; a treasured read. Thanks Anna.

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