Tony turns 18!

TONY MITCHELL turns 18 and his friends are throwing a party for him on Facebook this weekend!!

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Don’t miss this awesome event! It’s open for everyone!

And you get exclusve glimpses into the sizzling chemistry between Chloe and Justin. 😉

See you there!



2 thoughts on “Tony turns 18!

  1. hey piper, i have to ask… remember that time you gave summer of my secret angel out for free for a month? have you considered doing that for a book in the grover beach team series? maybe play with me since its the first? i personally look for free books on amazon and many other people do to so maybe itll help? please think about it!

  2. Hey Isis,

    you’re touching on a topic that’s really troubling many of us authors. May I explain something before I answer that question?

    It takes an author about 6 to 12 months to write a book. 6 to 12 months where he/she spends about 8 hours writing every day (including weekends). Now if we add this up, a book takes about 1000 to 2600 (+/- you know) hours to be written.

    Honestly, would you invest 2600 hours into a project and then just give the result out for free? Please think about it next time when you consider $3 (which is less than you pay for a cup of coffee at Starbucks) too much for a book. Also consider that the author only gets a certain percentage of that price per copy sold, never the entire amount. It ranks from mostly 10% to max. 70%.

    In regards to that, I am giving out a book for free right now, which is Summer of my Secret Angel, like you mentioned. But no, right now I don’t plan on doing that for another book, because I try to pay my bills with the money I make from writing so I can keep doing what I do.

    I hope you can understand that and I didn’t sound whiny, but it’s really a topic that concerns all of us writers. People read a book in about a day or two. They never think about the hard work it is to create such a book.

    And to get back to Starbucks: You drink a cup of coffee in about 10 minutes, but I’m sure no one ever asked the waiter for a free cup. A book keeps you entertained for hours and you can read it time and time again. Make sense? 🙂


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