My Writing Process


My friend, G.L.Hunter, invited me to participate in the MWP blog tour. It’s all about what I do and how I write. Four simple questions, so yeah, I’m happy to take a break and answer them for you. 🙂

But first let me tell you who G.L.Hunter is and why she tagged me. Well, for one, we’ve been friends for almost four years now, and second, she’s my one and only critique partner. Whatever I write, she gets to read it first. 😉 We don’t write in the same genre, hers is hot paranormal romance for adults, but whenever we’re swapping chapters, she has me sitting at the very edge of my chair and grinning like an idiot most of the time that I’m racing through her stories featuring the most boneheaded heroes of all times. Yep, she’s that kind of an awesome writer. Four books are finished in her Fallen Guardian series and her wonderful agent just started shopping them to big publishers. Fingers crossed!

Okay, wanna know now how I tick when I write? Here we go…

1. What am I working on?

I just finished NEVERLAND, a Peter Pan adaption with a darn lot of romance inNL Don't believe it. Yeah, you know me; if there’s no romance in a book I’m not gonna write it. 😉 However, this story goes in a totally different direction than what you all think you knew about Neverland. There’s a reason why this particular boy doesn’t want to grow up. There’s an apple responsible for the sweetest romance in fairytale history. And there’s a ruthless pirate annoying the hell out of Angelina McFarland.

The book will be released in April. Don’t miss it! 😉

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I always try to mix genres. Especially the YA with the NA and maybe sprinkle it with a little grown-up stuff. Heroes and heroines in their late teenage years are my favorite to write, but most often the romance in strictly YA books comes way too short. Well, not if you put your hands on a Katmore. 😉 If they kiss, they should kiss thoroughly, don’t you think? I don’t like hiding intimacy behind closed doors. So the number of kisses in my books is always limited, but each of them is a “special event”. It’s what gives my books this extra bit of sizzling between hero and heroine. And then I have a soft spot for bad boys. You’ll find them in many of my stories and I promise they’re drool-worthy… 😉

3. Why do I write what I write?

Because I’m a sucker for romance; in books, in movies and in real life. There can’t be enough of it for me. But since it’s hard to keep up romance in your everyday life, and since not every book or movie ends the way I wish it would, I started writing my own stories. Inventing the perfect bad guy who goes after a sweet girl is my idea of the ultimate romance. And there are ten thousand versions of that scenario in my mind. I’m just too slow to write them all down. LOL

4. How does my writing process work?

The idea of one particular moment between two people pops up in my mind. Sometimes it’s a romantic moment, sometimes it’s just banter between them. I can’t say why or when. It happens in the most unspectacular situations. I pause at whatever I do for a second and try to envision how these two people ended up where they are right now. Once I have their faces in my mind, I sit down and write a first chapter without much thinking. Really, at this point I don’t even know in which direction the books will go. The only thing I know is that at some point, in the middle of the book, they have to land in the situation I dreamed up a few days ago.

After the first chapter I’ve usually gotten a feeling for my characters. I see them, shape them, hear their voices. Next I need music. Loud music. And the right song. Each of my scenes goes with a special song that I listen to over and over while I plot or write it. Thus why you get my playlists at the end of all my books. If you listen to them while you read, I think it’ll pull you even more into the scenes, just like it did with me.

I don’t revise much. I hate reading my stuff again and again. So when a chapter is done, I send it to my critique partner and wait what she says. In the end, I do go back to the beginning one last time and see if I still like the book on a second read. If I do, it goes to my proofreader and after that it goes out into the world. I’m impatient. Why wait any longer than necessary to share a nice story with my readers? 😉

You see…I tick simply. 🙂

Now, how does this blog continue? I’m going to tag a few authors and on March 31st you can read all about their writing process on their sites. Sound good? Okay, here’s who I tag:

Natasza Waters: When I met her at a Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas last summer, my first thought was: Wow, this is Superwoman. She’s a Canadian gemstone and the author of the sizzling hot navy SEAL series A Warrior’s Challenge. Ever since her books came out she has models banging on her door who want to get on her covers. And hey, this woman even knows mores code. 😉

Jaimey Grant: Jaimey is…like me. We’re super shy people but once we get comfortable with someone we can turn into total fools. She writes amazing Regency romance with a dark touch. After reading something by her for the first time, I had to tell her: Girl, you have a very disturbing mind. But in the best way possible. LOL. Jaimey is also a skilled graphic artist and she designed the cover for my next release NEVERLAND. She’s one lovely woman that I’m happy I have met!

Aneta Cruz: I met Aneta a couple of years ago. No, unfortunately, I didn’t meet her in person, like most of my author friends, but she’s someone who keeps me smiling whenever I get a message from her or when I read her updates on Facebook. Aneta has European roots but she lives in the US now. She writes mystery.

And finally I tag Poppy J. Anderson, because I’d like to transist this blog also to my  fellow writers in Europe. Poppy is a German bestselling author with a US background, but other than her love for football, she doesn’t see herself and very American. 😉 In her romance series New Yourk Titans an entire football team finds true love, one at a time.

All right. Let’s see how these girls tick when they write. 😉

Have a great week, everyone!



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