You name the heroine

Hey friends, readers, and fans!

I’d like to name four female figures in my next project after four of my readers. tumblr_ludddhUhuG1qg8t4ro1_500Girls or women who would like to be immortalized by being part of a really sweet love story. It’s going to be a paranormal romance, scraping on NA, taking place in Neverland. The characters to name are 6-year-old twin girls, a fairy…and the heroine. 😉

So how’s it? Do you want to lend me your name?

Leave a comment with your (full) name and the figure you want to play titular godmother for. The list is open for a few more weeks. Then I’m going to pick the names and will shout them out in the comments and in a new post to let you all know.



171 thoughts on “You name the heroine

  1. I’m glad your boy is okay now! Oh, and I forgot to mention before that the review for “Ryan Hunter” has been put on both Goodreads and my Blog ^_^. Also like I have said before one of the leads in your book have to be called Remo 😛 If not Emma or Skye

  2. I was thinking of you, when I came up with this idea 😉 Which character? And only your real name counts! 😛 But then I think you’re out already. Because I’ve stolen your name already for a different book. Although the witch was called Remina. Does that count as well? 😉

  3. Delilah for whichever character you think would suit….otherwise my daughters names are Mia Ayla and Selena Rose (if you’re stuck for choice!) thoughts are with you regarding your son, I can’t think of anything worse than your child being hurt or sick.

  4. I don’t know about the character name think… I mean, I like my name but it is always weird when I see it in books, not to mention it usually goes to the evil sister rather than the heroine (^.^) Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that I’m glad your son is well and than the surgery went without trouble.

    PS: I finish reading Loving you Lies (a wile ago actually) and I have to say this, you have compleatly ruin me, now I’m comparing every hero with Ryan and/or Julian…. and they always win.

  5. I’m glad that your son is ok Piper and that he gets fully recovered soon.
    My name is really unusual so you don’t really see the exact name because it would have different letters in it to sound the same.

  6. My name is Hilary. I feel like there aren’t any main characters in stories I’ve ever read that have my name…and I read about a book a day for my job…The only character I can think of is from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air…
    Either way, thanks for writing!!

  7. Ha ha, that’s funny about your name and the evil sister. Sincer there’s no evil sister in my project, you might be lucky. Maybe the fairy… 😉

    And now think how hard it is for my husband to live up to MY expectations of a man. But so far, he’s doing fairly well. LOL

  8. Ooh, I like all those names. Mia and Rose for twins, that would be nice. 🙂

  9. Hi Alyssa! You might like to hear that your name is already in use in Tony’s book. Although the girl is mostly called Allie. 😉

  10. That’s true, it’s a rather unusual name for a leading figure. At least it is for contemporary YA. But I’m sure you find that name time and again in historical romances, no? I think it has a very elegant touch. 😀

  11. First of all… I’m glad to hear, that your son is well. 🙂

    Second, my name is Milena and I would love to have a chance of becoming a part of your book(s)!!! (if that is grammatically right 😀 ) It would be your choice to choose the character… 🙂

    Greetings M.

  12. Thank you Piper!
    At first as a child I thought it was a silly name cause no one else had one like it but now it’s just different.

  13. Thank you all for thinking of my son. It’s touching how much some people care! 😀

  14. My name is Karima, pronounced: ka-ree-ma. My name is very rare and I have never met anyone else with it. I also have two middle names, which are Olayshia and Bre’Shun. It would be amazing if you considered putting my name in one of your books!
    Also, I’m glad your son made it through his surgery okay!

  15. Hi my name is Yoonessi (pronounced u-nessi as in the loch Ness “nessi” monster). My nickname is Nessi. My name is very unique and it would be really awesome to have one of your characters use my name or nickname.

  16. Hm, I love those names. Especially Bre’Shun. It has something mysterious…

  17. Hi, my name is Beatrix. I don’t know if my name will suit into your book(s). But I thought why not. 🙂 I’m glad your son doing well.

  18. Hey,

    I’m glad that your son is getting better and I wanted to tell you that I fell in love with T is for he is a Total jerk!! I am very excited to read this book! Well my name is Diana and I would like my name to be in your book and whichever character is more than fine. I hardly find a book that uses my name and I am very interested to see what kind of character my name falls under.

    Best wishes,
    Diana C.

  19. Thanks, Diana. T. is on hold for another little while, but after I get back from Vegas, I’ll work double hard to finish it soon. 🙂

  20. I love my name, it’s Meagan Burgad. My first name is pronounced with a long E. I always tell people it sounds like “me again.” I am adopted and I will be forever grateful that I ended up with the most amazing family. When I got married I decided (with my husbands full support – I love this guy!) to keep my maiden name. My maiden name is more to me than just a last name, to me it stands for family. A family that was formed by unique circumstances. It’s a part of who I am and I never wanted to let that go.

  21. This is wonderful, Meagan. I’m glad you have a family like that. I, too, have a wonderful, supportiv, and caring family, and it’s the one thing I’m most grateful for in my life. 🙂

  22. I’m happy that your son is doing okay!
    It would be such an honour to have one of your characters named after me! My full name is Desnica Ashley Kumar but as far as I can remember I’ve always been called Daisy…I’m actually trying to get people to use my actual name now…

  23. Hi,
    first I must say, that my english istn’t verry well, but I think it must be enouth to leave a tiny message under this post.

    My name is Paulina and I’d never read it in any book. Mostly there are the names Pauline or Paula, but not Paulina. Anyway I like my name, because it’s me! Because of that Most of my friends never use nicknames like Pauli or Paulchen, only my familie do this.
    It would be very great to read my name in one of your books, maibe I will.

    (I also have another name called Anna. Anna Paulina. But my given name is Paulina.)

  24. Name option # like 15 or something….. 😉

    Name: Julia
    Char: Ummmm…. who wouldn’t want to be the heroine?! But the fairy would be pretty marvelous too….. so yeah…
    Why: Because I love your writing and this would give us the appearance of being closer than we actually are…. and you could write me an email about using my name in the book (leaving out any reference to this blog) and I could concoct a whole story about how we met in a French bistro and you were wearing an adorable gray beret with a pink rose attached…. and I was admiring it from afar when you noticed my epic #BelieveInSherlock shirt (I sincerely hope you’ve seen that show…) and CAME OVER TO TALK TO ME…. to which I responded by promptly fainting (completely out of character, but it certainly adds some lovely drama!). Of course you caught me and saved me from a certain concussion…. and then we had pizza (because the bistro owners kicked us out for making a scene)…. and you decided to use my name in your epic fairytale.

    Yes. I could definitely make up a story like that.

    p.s. Pardon the excessive ellipses…. (I probably shouldn’t be allowed to comment on blogs after 11pm… or even talk to anyone for that matter).

  25. You’re from Germany, aren’t you? Why didn’t you post in German? 😉

  26. Lovely names, all of them. And you’re right to go for your actual name. I like it a lot!

  27. Ah ha ha! I love your story, Julia. So yeah, if your name is taken in the end, you have to spread that awesome “meeting” you and I had in Paris. 😉

  28. Und Paulina find ich sehr schön. Der Name würde für den Hauptcharacter sehr gut passen. Hm, mal sehen. Ist ja noch ein Weilchen hin… 😀

  29. Nachdem wir vor ein paar Tagen so nett bei Goodreads miteinander geplaudert haben, dachte ich mir, ich werfe meinen Namen auch mal in den Topf. Ich könnte mir eine Heldin mit dem Namen Melanie vorstellen, aber auch eine der kleinen Zwillingsmädchen, vielleicht als Mellie abgekürzt. Ich bin auf jeden Fall gespannt auf das neue Projekt. Und ich bin neugierig: Wie war es in Vegas?
    LG Melanie aka Silentreader

  30. Hi Melanie,

    Ich hatte gestern noch vor, dir zu antworten (auf Goodreads) doch dann kam mein hubby heim, und ich musste ihn erst mal ganz fest drücken, nachdem ich ihn nun einige Tage nicht gesehen habe. Dein Name würde sicher auch gut in die Geschichte passen. 🙂 Rest der versprochenen Antwort gibts auf GR in ein paar Minuten.

  31. My name is Michelle and my Chinese name is Pui-Ling. I’d quite like to be either the fairy or the heroine 🙂 I think it’d be really cool for a character of a book that I really loved (I’m sure I will, I love all of your books so far!) was named after me!

  32. Hm, you have me intrigued now. 🙂 What’s your birthname? Michelle or Pui-Ling, and how did you happen to get the other?

  33. Hi again piper!
    I’m really excited for this week cause its book week!
    Ok now for this, what sort of personality are you looking for?

  34. Hey Tameeka…I’m not sure what you mean. Personality? That usually comes during writing the story.

  35. Well you need the name to… Go with the characters personality well I think?

  36. That’s true…normally. But this time, I’ll just kick that rule to the dirt and take what I get. Basically that means, the personality will come with the name I’m going to pick.

    When I came up with that story, the heroine was names Quendolin, Quen for short. I do have a vision of her in my mind. But as soon as I’m going to pick a different name, that image will change. And that’s the interesting part of writing this book… 😉

  37. Hi,

    mein Name ist Natascha. Ich würde mich riesig freuen wenn er für einen deiner Charaktere in Frage kommen würde.

    Ich habe deine Bücher vor kurzem entdeckt und mich sofort total darin verliebt. Hoffe du schreibst noch ganz viele Geschichten. Ich freue mich drauf.

    liebe Grüße

  38. Freut mich, dass dir meine Bücher gefallen, Natascha. 🙂 Dein Name kommt selbstverständlich auch auf die Liste. Am Jahresende, wenn meine beiden offenen Projekte fertig sind und ich mit dem neuen beginnen kann, wird dann entschieden, wie die Charaktere heißen werden. 😉

  39. My name is Laura Lee and IDC which character

    My daughters is Brittney Renae she came to us when she was 10 and now she is 13 and she’s been through more then any 13 yr old girl should of been through. She is so strong and beautiful I’m so proud of her and glad that she’s a part of our family now.

  40. It’s nice to hear that Brittney found a good home with you. 🙂 It sounds like just the place she needed.

  41. Hi my name is malinda. Also my sisters name is rachelle. I like that our names have an a instead of the normal way of spelling melinda snd Rochelle

  42. Gutten Tag! Ich heisse Janille, pronounced jan*neal. My friends used to call me Banana Peel, if that helps 😉 I just discovered Julien and Jona this morning. I, too, am recovering from surgery (one week ago) and can empathize with your son. Well, sympathize, as I’m certain our reasons for surgery were quite different, eh hem. Anyway, I absolutely floated through the day, memorized first with laughter at Jona’s cheeky behavior…and darn that hurt the stitches, but well worth the lift. Second, the captivating dance between J & J. I cannot filter the story from my heart and head. To have my name used for any character would bring such joy, to come alive! I wish you well. I’m hooked 😉

  43. Hi Janille, I like that name, though I think Banana Peal wouldn’t work so well for my story, ha ha.
    So glad to hear that Jona and Julian really touched you. It’s a very dear story to me. 🙂

  44. my name is cielo and its pronounced like the letters c i e l o. im 13 and i fell in love with your books it would be icredible if you would name a character after me

  45. *sorry about not spelling incredible right i think i spelled it right now not so sure well bye.

  46. Ha ha, don’t worry about spelling, girl. Where are you from? Your name sounds Spnaish.

  47. Well my name is pretty boring (Kelly), so instead I offer up two of my daughters’ names : Teyla Raine & Liberty Skye. I’m really just anxious for the next book. I’m still keeping Ryan Hunter as my #1 book boyfriend 🙂

  48. Do you think Liza is a boring name? I think it is, but it worked best for PLAY WITH ME. 😉 So no worries about Kelly not working for the new book.

    By the way, Kelly was an option for PWM, too. I wanted something nice, short, and simple. Something you could cut short, like Kel, you know, because Tony had to be just that bit closer to her and call her differently from all the rest. In the end I went for Liza because it fit better with her last name, Matthews. 😉

  49. Hi Piper well here is my name…. Yuliana but my friends call me Yuli or Chuli… why chuli? Well that is because my friends and i are Latinos so half of the nickname stands for Chula which means pretty, gorgeous so on … so yeah thats my name Yuliana which pronounce you- lee- ana most people say ju so yeah

  50. That’s a cool nick name. I wish I had one that meant ‘pretty’. 🙂

  51. Hi my name is Maureen and i never read a book which includes my name so it would make me very happy 😀

  52. Hi Piper. My name’s Sonia Devine and I would love to have one of your characters named after me. Surname’s Irish but the name Sonia is Russian and means wisdom. Huge fan of Ryan Hunter (book and person) and I absolutely can’t wait for your next books. 🙂

  53. My name is Caitlin. I think that would be a cute name for one of the six year old twin girls. I like my name but it is annoying how many different spellings there are for my name. I don’t see it spelled my way very often. I think it would be neat to have my name in a book. It sounds like it will be a sweet story about Neverland. Plus, the story of Peter Pan is a classic.I think the main heroine should have a unique name that is not as common. I think the fairy should have a more whimsical name since she is from Neverland.

    I am glad to hear that your son is doing well after his surgery. I am looking forward to reading Tony’s story. I like the teaser clips so far and you are really genorous with the teasers and posting chapters for the book. It makes me want the entire book even more though LOL. I hope it comes out soon. Sam seems awesome so far and I am happy we get more Ryan and Liza in the book!!!!

    P.S. A couple of years ago Macy’s clothing store had this webseries online called Wendy it was based on Peter Pan. I think it was just six or seven episodes/webisodes and the clips are only like 5- 8 minutes a piece so it’s like maybe 40 minutes all together. I thought it was a nice little webseries. I wish they would have continued it. Plus, the guy who plays the Peter character is Tyler Blackburn and he plays Caleb on Pretty Little Liars (such a good show). Here is the youtube link in case you want to watch it.

    Link to Wendy (based on Peter Pan) webseries:

  54. I think Caitlin would be a cute name for one of the twin girls. I didn’t pick the heroine or the fairy because I think the fairy should have a name that is whimisical and uncommon. Like in the movie, Tinker Bell is a very unqiue name.

  55. Just finished Loving Your Lies. Of course I had to go google the songs at the end! Now I am sitting here all dreamy. lol My family always called me by my double name, Sara Nell. I like Sara alone, but maybe if my double name was in a book, I would think it was nice and not so old fashioned?

  56. Caitlin. I always loved that name. And yes, you’re right with the thousands of spellings. LOL. The video is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    And I can’t help being generous. I wish I could share the entire book with you already. That’s just me… 🙂

  57. Hey Margaret, thanks for entering your daughters name. How old is she? I just wondered if she could already read adult book, because my critique partner wrote a book with that name in it… Not as the herioin, but a key character somehow. It’s called Absolute Surrender by Georgia Lyn Hunter. But it’s really for an adult audience due to the sex in it. 😉

  58. Ha ha, I was thinking about Sara as the heroine before I even started that “thing” here… We will see if I might go back to it. 😉

  59. Wow! By now I have so many nice names on my list that I will have a pretty hard time to pick one in the end!
    Thanks to everyone who entered so far. 🙂
    The list is still open until December. Then I’ll let you guy know and maybe come back at you for your last names as well. After all, if you want to be immortalized, you have to give it all… 😉 But that’s just a voluntary thing.

  60. I like the heoines name you chose for Play with Me. I don’t think Liza is something you hear often so I liked it. I have a hard time picturing Tony with bloned hait thought because I think of it as an Italian name. I think of dark hair when I hear the name Anthony.

  61. Ohhh I know, I know, I know! My name is Mercedes
    Middle name: Alexis
    Last Name: It’s a sercret 😉
    Haha I saw this post and thought well, why not? Lol I hope you find your characters.

  62. Name: Vivian
    Its a name that is not used daily now a days it means full of life

  63. See, that’s a wonderful way of thinking. Why not? 🙂 And I like both your names, Mercedes.

  64. Hi! I reviewed Play With Me (Grover Beach Team, #1) on my blog! 🙂

  65. Lovely!! Thank you! 🙂
    I hope you’re enjoying Ryan Hunter just as much…

  66. Just saw this post 🙂 And i thought I’d give it a shot 🙂 First name Madeline. Middle name is Hope. I always go by Maddie 🙂 I think the heroine. Love you’re books and I’m in LOVE with Ryan! 🙂

  67. Beautiful! Where are you from? Johanna is a typical spelling for Austria or Germany, but Zastrow sound more from the East.

  68. Ahh!!!! When I found out you had another book coming out in the Grover Beach Team Series, I was ecstatic! So imagine how I reacted when I found you’re doing a paranormal romance (which is my fav genre, btw) and picking a name for your character!! I was blown away! And what makes it better is that it takes place in Neverland (where I wanna go ;)). I’ve always wanted to have my name in a book because everyone is going to be reading and seeing my name, which could become their favorite character’s name. I’ve always wanted to be someone’s favorite! I’d feel like a star *flips hair*. Just kidding ;). Anyway, here is the information you need to possibly have my name in your book.*fingers crossed*

    Name: Alexa
    Middle Name: Michelle
    My name means “Defender of men” and people with this name tend to have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths. (Searched it online, hehee)
    I also offer my younger sister’s name, Athalia. I’ve never heard any other person with the same name except for the names Natalia or Nathalie, I guess… I would love it if my name was the heroine’s name but I wouldn’t mind any of the other’s! 😀

  69. Oh wow, what a definition. I love looking up names and their meanings. Alexa Michelle is beautiful, but very contrary, don’t you think. Michelle sure is the softer name out of them two. And your sister’s name is just lovely as well 🙂

  70. I think my name is lovely and in Hebrew it means pleasant; it is also after the Naomi in the Bible and don’t forget Naomi Watts!
    Name: Naomi
    Middle: Kristen

  71. Yeah, it is. 🙂 The name Alexa though is short for Alexandra, which sounds like a more mature name. And my sister’s name is pretty weird but lovely. Thanks!

  72. Hi, hier noch ein deutscher Name:
    Ich heiße Silva Malin, beides ziemlich außergewöhnliche Namen mit ungewöhnlichen Bedeutungen. Silva ist Latein und bedeutet einfach nur Wald. Malin hat sehr viele unterschiedliche Bedeutungen. Auf Russisch heißt es Brombeerstrauch (passend zum Wald :)), auf Schwedisch die Schlaue, treu und zuverlässig und bei den Inuit bedeutet es die Sonne. Und dem ganzen noch nicht genug – im Englischen auch noch kleiner Krieger.
    Ich hoffe ich konnte dir helfen 🙂
    Lg aus Deutschland

  73. I love your Grover Beach Team series and I can’t wait to read your next book ’bout Tony. While waiting I want to start reading ‘Loving your lies’, but currently I haven’t got the time to read all the books I want to.

    Now about your posting. If you want a uncommon name, choose mine.
    It’s Raja.
    This name firstly means “paradise” in India and secondly “hope” in Arabic.
    It’s also the shortcut from Raissa (Russia).
    It would be really fun to read my name in a book, because I only know a second person with this name. 😉

  74. Ser hübscher Name. Besonders gut gefällt mir die Doppelnamen-Kombination. Das hat was… 🙂

  75. Hey Raja,

    Thanks for your compliment! 🙂 Let me know how you liked LYL once you got a chance to read it.
    And I really like your name. Unique enough to be a fairy. 🙂

  76. Mein Name ist Anna-Maria. Die meisten Leute nennen mich aber Anna. Ich bin halb Deutsche, halb Ungarin. Im Ungarischen wird mein Name allerdings annamária geschrieben. Er ist eigentlich ziemlich Biblisch und Maria kommt eigentlich aus dem Hebräischen und heißt Verbitterung und Anna heißt Gnade. Ich habe diesen Namen in keinem Buch bis jetzt gelesen und ich lese wirklich Tag und Nacht. Deswegen kann ich ruhig sagen: deine Bücher sind eine der Besten die es gibt und haben mich von der ersten bis zur letzten Sekunde gefesselt.

  77. Hey Anna-Maria,

    dein Name ist sehr gängig bei uns hier auf dem Land. Und er gefällt mir überaus gut. Gerade, weil er so einfach ist. Kurze, einfache Namen (wie Anna, Sarah, Laura) sind immer die besten für eine Titelheldin 😉

  78. hi piper,
    love your book I would love to have my name(Angelina McFarland)in one of your books u r my favorite author my friends make fun of me cuz I have reread your books 8 times but I don’t care they are so good .I want to be a writer someday ,when I start to write I can’t stop .this would be an honor I want a Ryan Hunter soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much .Lol maybe someday I wish I was liza

  79. Angel, huh?
    Wow, I’m always totally speechless when people re-read my books. Means, I must do something right then… 🙂
    I love your name. Absolutely. First name, last name, and nickname.
    And it’s great to hear you love writing, too. It’s the most wonderful thing for me in the world, so I do know how it feels when you can’t stop. 😉 Kepp it up. If you love what you do, you’re always good at it.


  80. Hey Piper!
    My name is really uncommon. I’ve never heard anyone by my name. My name is Noodar. Full name – Noodar Yasmeen. And, before you wonder,I am a girl. 😀
    I said that cause some people think that Noodar is a boy’s name.

  81. Englisch, englisch, englisch. Ich versuche es mal mit deutsch und mit meinem Namen der sowohl im englischen als auch im deutschen einsetzbar ist und jeder weiß wie man ihn spricht: Sarah! Dödödödödö, was für ein außergewöhnlicher Name … nicht. 😉

    Ich habe allerdings den Namen meiner Schwester noch nie in einem Buch gelesen “Maike”. 😮 *inne Runde werf*

    Liebe Grüße

  82. Hey Sarah,
    es sagt ja gar keiner, dass es nur englisch sein darf. Und außergewöhnlich soll der Name auch nicht wirklich sein. Zumindest nicht für die Heldin. Die Fee werd ich jetzt nicht unbedingt nach dir benennen, aber für den Rest kommst du definitiv in Frage. 😉

  83. hey piper!
    my name is Hira Saqlain(nickname duaa). i know,i know it doesnt match but thats what everyone calls me.actually i m indian and in duaa in urdu means prayer which i dedicate to your son and hope that he gets well soon!hira is a name of a holy cave in saudi arabia and saqlain means balance,equal.
    wish you my best-hira

  84. oh by the way i will prefer that name for the heroine or the fairy,if you choose it;that is,but name it for anyone you like!

  85. Thanks, Hira. I know I didn’t talk about my son lately, and some of you might wonder how the surgery went and all, but I just didn’t want to say anything too soon. But it’s 3 months since the surgery now, and guys, he had not one seizure ever since… We’re all so happy and we pray everyday that it will stay this way. 🙂

  86. thats wonderful news indeed!i hope he stays okay and have a wonderful life!!!!

  87. Hi Piper!
    I am in love with your characters and books and I just want to thank you for sharing them with us. Whenever I am sad, your books cheer me up and you also inspired me to write stories myself, so thank you! My name is Aesha (the Ae is pronounced like in way, day, may) and it means wish in an Indian language.
    Thanks again!

  88. Name: Cielo Alessandra Perez
    this is my full name(i think i know how to spell my name but thanks spell check) i would love to be any of the characters.

  89. Oh, you’re very welcome, Aesha. It’s good to hear I can reach out so far with my books. 🙂

  90. Hi Piper,
    I love your books so much all of your characters are amazing(especially Ryan)
    it would be awesome for my name to be one of the characters.

  91. Hi Piper,
    My name is a Spanish name and I haven’t read a single novel with my name on it (at least not the Spanish version hahaha).
    I’m in love with your stories. I agree with Ella. Ryan Hunter is something special that I don’t mind to re-read.
    My name is Patri (Patricia). Would love to see any of your characters with this name ^^ And for sure we’d wait anxiously to read them!

  92. Hey Patri,

    I just read your email. 🙂 Will get back at you and your friend later today.

    Oh, and I love your nickname. 😉

  93. Sorry, but I NEED to know when Tony and Sam’s story is out because the suspense it is killing me!!!!! 🙂

  94. Hi,

    I started to read your books a few days ago and feel in love with them! 😀 thank you for shareing your story with us…

    Lots of Love from Europe

  95. Where in Europe? I’m from Austria, close to Germany. 🙂
    And you have a beautiful name.

  96. OH cool, von wo den in Österreich? 😀
    Ich komme aus der Schweiz.

    Danke, ich find in auch ganz toll 🙂

  97. This. is. AWESOME!!!!

    Um…Anesha is my first name…But I also use Alexia at times, which is one of my middle name…

    *fingers cross*

    Happy Holidays!! ❤

  98. hi my name is riya my parents tell me im named after a flower but honestly i think im named after that bord in the zoo;)

  99. There are so many people with gorgeous names and lovely meanings behind them! I’m doubting my name will get selected but still hoping that maybe somehow I’ll be lucky enough to have the heroine named after me 😉 Have fun selecting the names…I have no idea how I would be able to choose…

  100. You should do Bekah. This is short for Rebekah. It is pronounced the same way as Rebecca but it has a cool spelling and is interesting.

  101. Hello my name is Anna,
    I would like to be one of the twins and the other twins name could be Lena, thats my twinsister.
    Because i am a real twin and i never found a book with twins i would like to be a part of this.
    Names: Anna, Lena
    Characters: twins

    Talk soon 🙂

  102. HI!

    first off, I just wanted to say I am so happy I found Play withme by accident, its probably one of my favorite easy reads, I just love your characters and your writing!!!! I would love to be included in your story, as any of your characters. My name is Shanna, But I go by Shan-Marie as well.

    cheers and good wishes in your writing !

  103. Hey everybody!
    Thanks for sharing your names with me. Yesterday I made three decisions. I picked the name of the twins and the heroine.
    The twins are called: Paulina and Brittney Renae!
    And my stunning new heroine is named Angelina McFarland, lovingly called Angel by the twins.

    I’m sorry if your name wasn’t picked. Please don’t be sad. There were so many, and I could only pick have a handful. The fairy’s name isn’t chosen yet. I’ll wait until this character makes the first appearance in the book and decide then.

    Have a happy start into the week!

  104. Hey Paulina,
    I picked your name for one of the twin girls. It just fits perfectly for the little honey bunny. 🙂


  105. Hello Laura Lee,

    Last night I picked the names for my characters, and though “Laura Lee” just didn’t fit, I chose Brittney Renae to be one of the twin girls. I hope this will make both of you happy. The girl in the book is the cutest fairy bug and everybody’s darling. 🙂


  106. Hi Angel,

    whoa, took me a while to find this comment again to reply to it. 😉

    Well, here’s the big news: You named my heroine!

    Angelina McFarland sounds just perfect, and the nickname Angel comes in so handy in this story.
    I hope I could make you smile this morning with my decision.


  107. Hi Karima,

    I just wanted to let you know that I picked your name BRE’SHUN for the fairy. I hope it’s okay that I chose one of your middle names, but it’s just the perfect fit. 🙂


  108. Hey Tameeka,

    I told you I loved your name, right? Well, I picked it for a fifth, additional figure in my book. It’s the Pixie and your name is just right for her. I do hope you don’t mind that I’ll sometimes cut it short to Tami. 🙂


  109. Anna, I love you stories! I just read 3 of them in 3 days- I couldn’t put them down! I don’t know if it’s too late, but my name is Krissy, and you don’t see that too often in books. I also coincidentally happen to be a twin, but i think it could work for any of the characters you described. Best of luck with your book and thank you for creating such amazing stories.

  110. Never mind, just saw your post! Love the names you picked and can’t wait to read it!

  111. Hi Krissy,

    I really love that name and I think it would have fit quite well for one of the characters. Unfortunately, I already picked the names and the book is half finished. 🙂

  112. Das Buch ist fertig und ich möchte dich und die anderen gerne am Anfang erwähnen. Wenn du mir denen vollen Namen nennst, werd ich den mit reinnehmen. Sonst leider nur Paulina. 🙂

  113. Hey Laura,

    The book is finished and I’d like to credit the name-givers at the beginning. Would you tell me your (Brittney-Renae’s) last name so I can credit her in full? 🙂

  114. Of course! Its Brittney Renae Goff! She was so happy and excited about it when I told her! She said she wanted a copy when it came out, I told her I’d have to get it for her! 😉

  115. Hey Paulina, ich frag mich nur, ob du NEVERLAND je gelesen und gesehen hast, dass ich deinen Namen für einen der Charaktäre ausgewählt habe. Leider konnte ich auf der Seiter der “honorable mentions” nur deinen Vornamen anführen, denn du hast dich auf meinen Post hin nicht mehr gemeldet. Da ich das Buch nun auch auf deutsch übersetzt habe, wollte ich noch mal nachfragen, ob du mir auch deinen Nachnamen verrätst, damit ich in vollständig angeben kann. 🙂

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