Interviewing Ryan Hunter

A while ago I asked you to send me questions that you wanted Ryan to answer for you. Here we go! 😉


Do you and Liza have “a song”?

Ryan: Yes we do, but it’s not a very romantic song. It’s the one I made her sing on stage. Karaoke, remember? Country Roads.

What’s your favorite activity to do together?

Ryan: Does making out in my room count as an activity? 😉 Other than that, Liza found a new passion in photographing. We’re spending a lot of time outdoors where she hunts for victims to shoot. Hmm. I might be her number one “theme”, considering in how many pictures my face comes up. LOL


Would you still be friends with Liza and/or Tony, if Liza had chosen Tony instead?

Ryan: Of course I would. The good thing about my friendship with Tony is that we go way back and not even a girl can get between us. Okay, Liza did, but only for a while. We made up before either one of us got the girl, so I’m pretty sure I would have been a fair loser, just like he was, if she’d chosen him instead of me. As for Liza, I think if she and Tony were a couple now, I would spend time with him but not so much time with her. It would only hurt and after knowing what it feels like to kiss her, I’d always try to win her back. So yeah, I’d be friends with her, but on a distance…

What’s your friendship with Justin like?

Ryan: Justin was my best buddy from the moment he and I had a fight over a girl in kindergarten. None of us got the girl… It’s just a shame that he doesn’t like soccer. He would fit perfectly into the team. And all the guys like him. We all hang out a lot together. I’m a lucky guy to have friends like him and Tony. And then some.

Why do you always call Liza by her last name?

Ryan: Bad habit. I think I don’t know half of my buddies by their first names, and when Liza so obviously wasn’t interested in me, I didn’t want to give away how much I cared for her by treating her in any other way than all my other friends. Someone might have gotten suspicious. 😉

What’s the happiest memory you share with Liza?

Ryan: Oh man, that’s a hard nut. I have so many happy memories with Liza… But there’s always that one special moment when I kissed her in my sister’s night club and Liza didn’t slap me for it. It was a 50:50 chance… okay, after everything I knew about here, the odds were probably much higher that she would have kicked my balls. But she actually gave in to my kiss, and that’s definitely a moment worth to remember. I felt like: Oh wow, I just shoved my tongue down her throat and she didn’t bite it off. She must be totally into me. LOL

What was your weirdest dream about Liza?

Ryan: Daydream or real dream? Because in my daydream she lets me do wicked things with whipped cream and strawberries to her. 😉 The weirdest real dream I had about her was only a few days ago. She took a picture of me with her camera, and suddenly I was trapped inside that thing. With pushing only a few buttons, Liza could make me pose for her whichever way she wanted. That was scary. Hmm, do you think this is my subconscious telling me that Liza’s going to take over control and I feel like being…well, not dominant any longer?? – But…nah. I can still scoop her up and throw her over my shoulder to carry her to my room and be the dominant one, if I want. 😉

What’s your plan after high school? I guess it’ll be college for you. Will it be a long distance relationship then or are you planning to stay close to home?

Ryan: I’m almost done with my last year at High School while Liza still has her final year before her. We didn’t yet talk about colleges, but in the end I’d like to be at the same as she is. I want to be a vet one day, like my father, so I really need to choose a good place to go. I’ll just make her come over on weekends or go home and be with her until she’s ready to follow. 🙂

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