Re-Release of Jona & Julian !!!

Hello, good morning, and happy weekend everyone!

It’s here! The thoroughly revised and shiny new edition of an old book.

SUMMER OF MY SECRET ANGEL is up on Amazon since midnight. Beware, it’s the re-release of Loving Your Lies, but it’s a whole lot better this time. I mean…just look at that cover. 😉

Angel Kindle

I love it. Don’t you? A big thank you to my talented friend, J.D.Stroube from Dreamscape Book Covers.

And here’s the story:

He’s annoyingly gorgeous, provocative, and fast becoming her best friend. But he also has a secret that makes the little hairs on her arms stand on end…

Hi, my name is Jona Montiniere, and that’s pretty much the only good thing to say about me. I’m seventeen, I’m snarky, and I’m a crap-load of trouble. Or so they say… But what did they expect from me really when they dumped me in an orphanage at age five? That I’d grow up to become the new first lady? Nah, I think it’s much more fun to raid Camden Market in London with my friend Debby. She’s cool. She lives on the street. I learned so much from her.

The only thing she missed to teach me was how to tend to a vineyard. And yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m going to do for the next 6 weeks, courtesy to this damn judge who sent me off to France after I was caught stealing. Seriously, the vineyards are okay, and so are my aunt and uncle, who I haven’t met until now. What isn’t okay, and I’m serious, is that I have to live in the same house with my mother, that god-awful dragon, who spurned when I was only a child. And now she wants me back? Demands my forgiveness? Why, because she’s about to die of cancer? Uh-uh. Sorry, but that’s not gonna happen. I want no contact with that woman, thanks.

But what has Julian got to do with it? About my age, he’s too young to be my mother’s lover. So why doesn’t he leave her side? Ever. He’s different, as in the supernatural kind of different, but he’s sa-woon-worthy gorgeous. He obviously has secrets, but he’s also get-under-my-skin charming. In short, he’s a riddle to me.

But he likes me…and that’s the scariest thing of all.


Happy reading, my friends!



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