Hey folks,

I’ve got important news for you. I’m going to abandone my pen name.

Piper - Anna

At the time I had to make the decision whether to go with my real name or a pen name, I really had to rush things. Unfortunately, I picked a name that I never really felt comfortable with. I know it’s risky to change the name as an author, especially since so many of you already know me by Piper. But this is a very personal thing and I hope you can understand my motives when I tell you: I couldn’t look at my own books anymore without getting sick of the name.

ANNA KATMORE is very, very close to my real name. With the change you can say I sort of let you all get even closer to myself, which feels a bit weird. But it’s the best possible kind of weird. 🙂

I’ll try to make the change as smooth as I can. For now you’ll still find me as Piper Shelly on Amazon. There’s an addition on all the covers now, which tells you both names at the bottom of each book. Only when the next book is being released, I’ll make the final change there.

No worries about finding me! Although the website url has changed to http://www.annakatmore.com, the former url is still working and immediately redirecting you to my site. You’ll always be able to keep in touch through the contacts you know, but I’d be happy if you accepted my true personality and call me Anna from now on.

I’m sorry for any confusions I’m causing with this, but hey, people who read books are usually smart, right? You’ll get used to it, I’m sure. 😉

Big hugs to all of you for sticking with me even when I go bananas from time to time.




11 thoughts on “Who is ANNA KATMORE ?

  1. I haven’t been on the site in a little while so I was confused at first. At first I thought it was the name of a book you were working on LoL. It will take a little while to get used too. Were you looking for that Wendy video? I’ll post the link again for the music video and webisodes. The name for the song is “Save Me” and the actor who sings the song is Tyler Blackburn. He played Caleb on the ABC Family show “Pretty Little Liars” but now she just got a spin- off Ravenswood. I wasn’t thrilled about that because I ship his character Caleb with Hanna on Pretty Little Liars so I am worried they will break them up
    Here is the link to the Wendy (Peter Pan webseries) music video:

    Here is a link to the Wendy webseires:

    ****** vague book Spoilers*****
    I have a question. I thought Susan was supposed to get a love interest in Tony’s story? Is Susan going to get her own book? I think it would be cute if Ryan played matchmaker for Susan. Are Susan and Nick going to get together? I really liked Nick in the story. I kind of hope Nick gets a story. I loved the scenes Hunter was in in Tony’s story. Hunter was so sweet to Sam. Tony was a jerk at first but some sweet things for his “bungy Troll” lol. I was happy that Liza/Ryan were still in a good bit of Tony’s story. It was nice to learn a little more about the other characters. I got a little confused with some of the other characters. I kept thinking Sasha was a girl. I really want a story with Ryan best friend Justin and Ryan could give his words of wisdom. Would you consider writing a bonus scene of Ryan/Liza’s annviersay? It was mentioned in the book that Ryan got Liza something for their annivesary but their wasn’t any mention of what he ended up giving her. Cloey was a real trip in that book. I feel she is in need of some therapy.

  2. I missed that question and answer session with the Grover beach characters is it too late to ask the characters questions?

  3. Oh, so many questions…. LOL
    First off, THANK YOU for posting the video again. It was exactly the one I was looking for. I will bookmark it right now!! 🙂

    And to answer some of your questions: Susan will get her book right now, because it’s important for the story that she can’t play soccer. She hurt her knee at the end of book 3, remember? Her love interest is…complicated to explain. 😉

    I wrote a blog post about Liza telling what she got from Hunter. Let me see if I can find it, then I’ll repost it with the bonus material.
    Justin get’s his book right after Susan’s. I already started on that book, but it all happens later in the year, so I have to squeeze Susan in first. Also, because there will be more of the other characters in Susan’s book, and I think my readers will want that. 🙂

    Nick might get his book one day, but I’m not too sure about it. Let’s wait and see…

    I hope I covered all your questions…well, as far as I could without giving away too much. 😉

  4. Ask away! I have their character interviews all on my website and can always post more questions. 🙂

  5. Hi Anna!
    Okay now I have to get used to the idea of Anna instead of Piper….seems so strange at the moment…..
    Thanks for letting us get a little closer to you 😉

  6. Here are several character questions I have. Some of them might not be able to be answered because of future books. Sorry to bombard you with so many questions. I haven’t been on the site in a little while.

    Ryan, is Liza’s dad more accepting of your relationship with Liza now that he knows you better? At first he was not to keen on you going out with his daughter and was worried you would try to get into her pants.

    Liza ,doesn’t it get a little uncomfortable watching Game of Thrones with Ryan and Tony when there is so much sex and nudity? That’ s a great show though.

    This question is for Ryan and Justin. We didn’t get to see a lot of your friendship in the other book but it was apparent that you two are very tight knit. You’re the only one who knew that Ryan had a secret crush on Liza. Can you both tell one of your favorite memories of each other?

    Ryan , Cloey hit on you at one of your parties but you turned her down but whispered something in her ear. What did you tell her?

    Sam, how are things going with you and Cloey? Do you think you could ever have a good relationship with her again?

    Sam, what is a good memory you have with Cloey that wasn’t mentioned in the book? You said that Cloey used to be nice but we don’t really get to see that in the book.

    This one is for Tony and Sam. Tony, was your aunt really fine with you sharing a bed with Sam when she was staying with her? Sam do your parents let Tony spend the night (somehow I don’t think your military dad would be okay with that)? Tony are you still intimidated by Sam’s father and do you get along with her parents ?

    Cloey this is advice I wanted to give you when I was reading the book, I hope you can look back and realize that no guy is worth acting that desperate and pathetic over not even Tony. The guy wouldn’t even refer to you as his “girlfriend”. I do feel like your mother should have been a little more considerate of your feelings because she knew you really like Tony. I feel you need to work on yourself before getting into another relationship.

    Susan ,what is your favorite book?

    I know that is a lot of questions. You don’t have to answer them all. I got a little carried away.

  7. I’m glad that Susan is getting a story. I do remember that she got injured. I am all for more of the characters being in Susan’s story. It would be harder with Justin’s story since he isn’t on the soccer team and Cloey doesn’t really hang out with the gang. I’m all for more Ryan in Justins story to make up for the other characters not being in it as much :). It will be interesting to read Susan and Justin/Cloey’s stories since they might be a little different from the others.

  8. I saw your facebook post about the The Shire song “Concerning Hobbits”. I loved that song ever since the movie came out! Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies. I liked the Hobbit references in Tony/Sam’s book and the Joseph Morgan comment oh Klaus. It’s like a love/relationship with that character. Do you watch the Origionals? I am way behind of episodes I need to get caught up over Christmas break.

  9. Thank you desnica! And sorry for causing confusions right now. But it’ll get better in time. 😉

  10. I’ll go through them as soon as I have some time and will update the character interviews with those I can answer right now without spoiling anything. 🙂

  11. I just found out about this while stumbling upon “Summer Of My Secret Angel” and finding the synopsis to be exactly that of “Loving Your Lies” (which I downloaded quite some time ago and was never able to gt into). Man there is nothing more confusing than when an author changes names!! TG I didn’t purchase SOMSA. I did love the Grover Beach series.

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