Why I cried this morning

A few months ago, I watched a documentary about a 17 year old guy, who was diagnosed with cancer. He was given 6 months to a year to live.

Zach Zobiech’s been born with a natural smile on his face, and he kept it on until the very end. He wrote wonderful music to express his emotions, and one song stood in my head for days.


I don’t know why, but this morning I was singing it time and again. It’s like one of those catchy tunes that you just don’t get out of your mind. But it’s more the smile of the guy and the story underneath the surface that kept me thinking a lot.

And then I suddenly got a message on Facebook. I don’t know why Miriam sent it to me. I think I commented on one of her posts about the song or she commented on mine. It doesn’t matter actually. The thing is, she sent it to me today…of all days. Here’s what she said:

Hi Piper! I saw this video that was just beautiful and I thought you would like to see it if you haven’t already.

I hadn’t seen it, but I took the time to watch. I mean, I already knew this guy, and this was like getting news from him. Beautiful.

I’m not one to cry easily. I mean I’m not crying when I’m in pain or when life goes hard on me. It’s mostly the fate of others that touches me deeply enough to make me go teary. So, when this guy got that awesome Christmas present from his family and I saw that look on his face literally saying Holy crap! I was done with the world and just burst out in tears.

I finished watching this video through a haze of water in my eyes, which is okay, because you actually only have to listen to what he says to understand. And for me the message from this video is that it’s okay to breathe again. The world is ready to be “better”. All it takes is a smile and the wish to make others happy. Really, a simple message. And it shouldn’t take to face death to realize it.

Be nice to each other.

Love you all!


2 thoughts on “Why I cried this morning

  1. That’s sad, but if you liked that you should read the book Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken it’s super sad but it’s one of my favorite books and it has the sweetest ending, totally worth reading.

  2. I actually don’t like sad stories. I only happened to hear about Zach, because I was cuddling up to my hubs when he watched that documentary. I’d rather read and hear about happy things, though. 🙂

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