Top 10 book boy friends

I was asked if I ever had a book boy crush. Seriously? Just one?? Heck, I’m falling in love with every new book I grab. LOL

All right, here is my selection of book boyfriends. If you really want to know why I fell in love with those guys, you’ll have to read the books. 😉

1. Christian Grey – Fifty Shades of Grey

I loved that one line: “But then you were all ‘Kiss me, kiss me, Christian!’”…

2. Edward Cullen – Twilight

There was something about this boy in the book that you never got to see or feel in the films. If you hate the films (like I do), give the book a chance. I fell for Edward at the first moment he was mentioned.

“I decided as long as I’m going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly.”

3. Patch – Hush, Hush

He knows that she knows that he isn’t good for her. And he still lures her away from her friends at the arcade.

4. James Rasmussen – Secret Vampire

He was my first ever book boy crush. That book opened the doors to romance for me.

“My first kiss and I’m camotose. Great.”

5. Ash – Daughters of Darkness

This book has the best ever dialogue lines…

Jeremy: “Who did it? Wait—you think I did. Don’t you?”
Ash: “It did cross our minds at one point. Actually, it seems to keep crossing them. Back and forth. Maybe we should put in a crosswalk.”


Ash: “I don’t need to kill goats to say things. I CAN talk.”


Mary-Lynnette: “Ash? Get bent and die.”

6. Rule – Rule

“I think it’s genetically impossible not to be kind of in love with him when you come equipped with a vagina.”


“I almost saw your boyfriend naked this morning.”
I laughed at the look on her face. “I don’t know what to say to that, you’re welcome?”


“Look at me being all optimistic and shit.
Remy would be so proud.”

7. Damon – The Vampire Diaries

Basically it’s a given that I always fall for the bad guy.

8. Kyrian of Thrace – Night Pleasures (A Dark Hunter novel)

He was dressed like a goth cop. And he picked her up from work.

9. Roman Draganesti – How to marry a millionaire vampire

What can I say? I have a soft spot for vampires.

All right. My number 10 is a special one and no one of you has ever heard of him. Simply because the book isn’t yet published. But it will be in a few months.

Reynner –

I can’t tell you the book title just yet, but my critique partner wrote this story, and her hero is one of the darkest, sexiest, and most stubborn male leads ever written. Yummy. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Top 10 book boy friends

  1. I know… But I wanted to give other guys a chance, too. 😉 You really need to let Reynner loose, soon.

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