Tony & Sam … Out NOW!!

Guys… you wanted me to write it…and I did. 🙂

Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly present Tony’s lovestory.


As always, you can read the first half for free on my website (excerpts) if you’re unsure whether this is the right book for you. If you like it, find the ebook and paperback on Amazon, Kobo, Barns&Noble, or anywhere else in the web.

And just because I know you’re all dying to know who’s next in the series: Cloey & Justin will get their story.

Happy reading!!

And let me know how you liked it, will ya? 😉



18 thoughts on “Tony & Sam … Out NOW!!

  1. I’ve just spent the whole day devouring this book and it’s amazing! I love this story and I like that we get to see both POV in the same book. I also really liked your portrayal of Chloey and thought the ending was a very good and not cliched way of changing the readers perception of her. Awesome!!,

  2. OMG!!!! Yes!!!! I cannot wait!!!! I wish I could stay and chat but I have to get reading. I can already tell I’m gonna love it!!!

  3. I just finished the book…. And I loved it!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations!!!! It was so much fin to read…. You should write one about Susan and. Nick ;)…


  5. Hey Bine,

    eine Fortsetzung von Ryan & Liza gibts zwar nicht, aber ich bemüh mich, die Übersetzung von T IS FOR schnell hinzukriegen. 😉

  6. absolutely loved this book!!!! best one ive read so far out of this one, play with me, and this girl is mine. please keep writing!!!!!!

  7. I don’t know. I kind of want Cloey and Nick. I know it’s weird but it just seems like Cloey changed at the end a lot. I want her to find someone… Like Nick.

  8. By the way, I loved the book. Tony and Sam are perfect for each other and I love how you were able to add some swoon worthy Liza and Hunter moments. You really are talented.

  9. She will find someone. Just not like Nick, but like Justin. 🙂 He’ll be good to her…in the end.

  10. Just finished this within 4 hours!! I need another book to come out from this series!! are u planning on it??

  11. Yes. Cloey’s book. But it’ll take another six months at least until it’s going to be finished… Hope you can wait so long. 😉

  12. That book was amazing and I hope to see another one soon I hope to see Nick find someone and Sam stay happy with Mitchell!! This is an amazing book so if you habe not read it you are crazy. Thanks piper for another great read cant wait for a new book

  13. Aww, thank you, Ashley! So glad you enjoyed it. Nick won’t get his story in the near future, but maybe one day. 🙂 Now comes Cloey.

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