It’s dark at six in the morning – the summer is over…

Hey everybody! How are you doing?

I haven’t been around as much as I would have liked lately, but a lot happened in my personal summer. Like some of you know, my son had a surgery on his brain to stop his seizures. It’s been a month and a half since that, and so far, he seems to really feel great. 😀 Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers, my friends!

Then I was in Las Vegas, of course. PLAY WITH ME was a nominee for the RONE awards. No, I didn’t win, but that’s okay. Being a finalist is more than I would have ever expected. And it was an amazing trip. I met so many lovely people, many of them from the InD’Tale Magazine (the donor of the award) because they invited me personally, just to get to know me. Why? Well, they loved my books, they said, LOL. When they all wanted to take pictures with me, I totally felt like a VIP. Thanks, guys, for giving me a blast in Vegas!

I also got to know two authors 1097775_191279617712039_179417973_ofrom Australia. Maggie Anderson (very left in the picture) and Janelle James ( she’s the one with the flowered blouse next to me). These girls were amazing and saying goodbye to them at the end of the convention was the hardest thing. I do hope we meet again one day…

So now that I’m all back – physically and mentally – and have my beautiful new writing room with a new computer (yeah, my laptop died on me the other day…it probably was pissed that I didn’t write in such a long time, ha ha), I’m going to grow roots on my desk box english Kindlechair again and finish a few books I’ve started in spring. One of them being of course T IS FOR…He’s a Total jerk! I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep, but I’ll try to have it ready for you in a couple of months; give or take a few weeks.

Until then, I have a different gift for you. The first is LOVING YOUR LIES. Currently, you can grab a free copy from anywhere in the web. Enjoy! And please post a review if you liked it. 😉

The other thing is a special edition of the Grover Beach Companion books, PLAY WITH ME & RYAN HUNTER. I boxed those books, and they are avalable as ebook and paperback.

Have a lovely fall, all of you!


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