A guide to girls for every boy – step 5

Step 5 –

Know what you want


If you’re completely sure that she caught the bait in Step 4 and she’s reacting positively to eye contact, then it’s time to let her know that you want more.

Gaze at her for a little longer than just a fleeting look, and when her eyes move to yours, give her another grin or half-smile. But this time you also motion with your finger that she should come over to you.

It depends on the kind of woman we’re talking about, but I’d say only 10% of them will really stand up and walk over to you.

A possible conversation-starter for this case could be:


You: Hi. (Drawl the word. Take your time. Slow conversation is like a slow kiss. Very sexy…)

Her: Hey.

You: You have a pretty smile.

Her: (Will smile then and maybe say:) Thanks

You: What’s your name?

She: Kelly (or whatever).

You: Nice. Goes right with your smile. I’m (fill in the blank) …


In this case, never tell her that she has pretty eyes, because that’s something so cliché that she might slap you for it. Especially when you’re gaping at her rack instead of her face!

However, be prepared that 90% of the girls won’t approach you at all. They will get really nervous. Excited. They want to be brave enough to find out who you are and what you’re up to.

But in the end, she might very well just shake her head. If she smiles when she’s doing it, you’re the lucky winner of the evening! Because that is your invitation to walk over to her. Not straight away, though. Give her at least five minutes to adjust to the thought that you want to get to know her. Then make a move.

The conversation can start the same way as before, but it’s a good idea to think about what to say before you leave your table. A girl wants to be conquered and seduced, so don’t expect her to do all the talking from now on.


For more information on how to make the first move, I suggest reading a romance novel like Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Pay particular attention to the cafeteria scenes. That’s what you want to go for.

This will be my last post in the ten step series. I threw the entire How-to out as a little booklet for men. You can download it here. But don’t forget, it’s just for fun, so don’t take every word in a dead serious way. 😉




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