A guide to girls for every boy – step 4

Step 4 –

Capture her with a look

Now, if you know how to make yourself laugh in public, cast a glance over at your target every now and then. If you catch her looking at you because you’re the center of everyone’s attentionSkipper-and-Private-are-spying-on-you-penguins-of-madagascar-13605078-499-600 right now, hold her stare for a moment. Tone down the laughing to a full smile, so she knows that she just entered your mind and kicked out everything that was in there a second ago.

Then look away, and within a couple of seconds look back at her. Only move your eyes, don’t ever turn your back on her. When you look away the next time, let a minute pass before you glance her way again.

From here you can go back to checking regularly if she’s looking at you.snoopy's dance of joy

If she does – Congrats! You scored!

Next, it’s important to send her the right signs. You can stop fishing for laughs from here but take it easy. Show her – even across the distance – that you’re an interesting guy. One who can have cool conversations with his friends and isn’t the odd one out who just listens and never says a word.

Look at her, even when you’re talking to your friends. If you catch her staring again, hold your breath and cut whatever you were about to say. Dedicate this half second to her. Give her a grin, or better yet, a half-smile with a quick, slight tilt of your head.

How does she react? Does she smile? Does she even blush a little? (Girls under 20 tend to do that a lot.) Does she look away or down quickly and back at you?

This is the first step of flirting, and now that you know what to do, I say, let the games begin!

You can flirt with your eyes for ten minutes or the entire evening, depending on what kind of outcome you go for. In the next step, I’ll tell you how you get closer to your girl.

For more information on flirting in public places, I suggest reading a novel like Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

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