A guide to girls for every boy – Step 2

Step 2 –

The right smile

Okay, if you heeded my advice in Step 1 and you’re looking seriously nice now, let’s work on your smile. Why? Because it’s the most important thing in the world. More important than the perfect body or a cool hair style. Even more important than designer clothes. It’s your ticket to a girl’s heart. So make sure you’re ready to smile when it’s necessary.

There are three basic ways of smiling:

1. The grin.

Do that when you mock her, when you are being sarcastic (in a friendly way), or when she got the best of you and you liked it. Don’t show teeth here.

What a grin says: You have my attention, and right now I’m thinking about you in a way that would probably surprise you.

2. The full smile.

Use it when a girl is telling a joke or when she just did something funny that isn’t at the same time embarrassing her. (OMG, never laugh at a girl if she just made a fool of herself!) Show teeth here.

What a full smile says: I enjoy being near you.

3. The half-smile.

This one requires a little practice, and not every guy is able to do it. Basically, you just pull up one corner of your smiley-coolmouth, but you also do something with your eyes at the same time. Depending on the situation and on what you want to transmit via body language, you might also quirk or raise your eyebrows with it, give the girl a sideways glance, or tilt your head a little. All these things will make you look sexy and mysterious, and you definitely want that.

What a half-smile says: I’ve chosen you over everyone else.

For more information on the perfect smile at the perfect moment, read a romance novel like Play with me by…umm, me. 🙂 And guys, practice!


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