A simple guide to girls for every boy

Hey guys, the following series of blog posts is dedicated especially to you!

Welcome to a short lesson on how to get the girl you want. In 10 easy (or not so easy) steps, I’ll show you what it takes to get any girl’s attention, and how you can seduce her right through to the first kiss. Whatever comes afterward is up to you!

You might wonder what makes me the perfect person to write this little how-to.

Well, for one, I’m a girl, duh! And thus I know how a girl ticks and what she likes to see, hear, or smell.

The other reason is I’m a romance writer, and I have studied the working chemistry between guys and girls for a long time.

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Why the heck did that girl just pick the guy across the room and not me?” If so, then I strongly suggest you read a romance novel! If more men did that, there would be a damn lot more happy girls on this planet. 😉

But I know that, for a guy, reading a romance is probably the most uncool thing in the world. So I summed up the basics for you in the following steps.

This guide is dedicated to all the males out there, from age 12 to 99, but it’s mostly geared toward young adults in a setting somewhere like a club, a café, or a bar. However, these guidelines to getting a girl’s attention can be tested and practiced anywhere: at school, in the cafeteria, at a swimming pool…Just be creative!

I hope you’re ready, because we’ll begin with lesson one straight away.

Step 1 –


What do you look like?

You think I’m kidding? I’m not. Seriously, what do you look like?

Stand in front of a mirror and honestly judge yourself. Are you a good-looking young devil with rippling pecs under your shirt and stone-hard abs? (Ooh, we girls like that!)

Or are you a little overweight, maybe with pimples on your face, and shorter or much taller than the average guy your age? If you belong to the lucky group I mentioned first, you can skip ahead to Step 2. If not, let’s work a little on your appearance and your self-esteem at the same time.

Here’s my first piece of advice for you: Pep yourself up.

If you’re a little (or a little more) overweight, then go find a gym and do a workout at least twice a week. Get the right shoes and run a mile every evening. It’s hard, I know. But if you endure, you’ll not only have a better chance with the girl you’re in love with, but you’ll also feel a lot better – physically and mentally. It will give your self-esteem a boost! And that comes in handy in flirting with girls.

Right. What about your clothes? Can you honestly say that you run with the crowd? Because if you stand out, then it better be in a good way. Think about what guys your age usually wear and then decide if you fit right in.

Personally, I prefer blue jeans – they can be baggy or stone-washed – and a nice button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Mmm, that’s a yummy look that hardly any girl between 16 and 40 can resist.

But of course you can wear anything you want as long as it’s appropriate for the time we’re living in. Don’t think you look cool if you’re a live copy of Austin Powers. Seriously, don’t!

Hair: that’s a very important matter. Any hair can be cool hair, as long as you take care of it. Don’t let it grow without attention because you don’t know what to do with it. Get a nice haircut, one you really like on yourself.

If you use gel, don’t ever overdo it. There’s nothing more disgusting than hair that looks like it’s been drenched in spar varnish – except maybe hair that hasn’t been washed in days. Girls like to run their fingers through a guy’s hair, so make that easy for her.

What could also be a really cool feature is a tattoo or piercing. It tells her that you’re not aQuinn sniveling guy and that you can commit to something. But the important thing here is again: don’t overdo it. Of course there’ll always be those who love their men inked from head to toe or those who don’t like any ink at all.

Basically, one nice tattoo in a cool place will do the job. It’s an attention catcher and something she’ll remember about you. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not advising you to get a tattoo tomorrow, or pierce your eyebrow straight away. It’s just an additional feature that, if you’re the kind for it, may leave an impression.

Get the picture? Good.

For more information on the kind of looks that girls like about guys, I suggest reading a romance novel like Rule by Jay Crownover. You might want to take notes for later!

Stay tuned for step two in a few days.

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