What to do with Julian?

Even though half the female reading population might be gushing over Ryan Hunter right now (okay, me too, 😛 ) I’m yet again finding myself thinking about Julian. LOVING YOUR LIES was my debut novel, and the hero in there has always been the closest of them all to me. Something personal. 😉

The book has been written, rewritten, edited, sent out, edited again, traditionally published, pulled down, revised, self-published, being read by thousands…and still, it doesn’t feel to me like the book is finished. I don’t AFinal1know what’s the problem, really, only that I can’t just put it away and fully concentrate on something else. Julian is always lurking in the back of my mind…

Maybe it’s the title. I wanted to call this book JULIAN from the start, but I was told by a few people and also my editors that the name of my angel for the title wasn’t capturing enough. I disagree and wish I had trusted myself enough back then. Ah, that’s really a shame.

Then it’s the “floral” writing style. I love it. But my skills have developed since then and I just feel the need to “update” the style in the book somehow. Hm, maybe I’m going to revise after all. And then I should really start to translate it into German. But the book is not exactly short, over 400 pages, and I know I won’t be doing anything else for three months once I start. So yeah, see me procrastinating here? LOL


4 thoughts on “What to do with Julian?

  1. I think translate it into German is a good idea because I want to read it, but only in German 😉

  2. I will either do it myself, or have someone translate it really soon, I promise. 🙂

  3. Remember me? I read your Play with Me Novel and you told me to give Julian a chance? Well i did a while back ago. I just wanted yo to know this book was perfect! Don’t change a thing. The beauty of it is that you have such a talent for creating characters to fall in love with that nothing else needs to be done. Your one author i aspire to be like and I love reading your books. Please don’t stop the magic. If you decided to publish your next book in Italian, i would personally learn it just to read your book. 🙂 Thank you Piper Shelly.

  4. Hey Mercedes,

    Sure I remember, and I’m honestly happy, you gave Julian and Jona a chance. It still is my favorite book…you could say it’s my first born 🙂
    Thank you for your great feedback. It means a lot to me!

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