How I met my Hunter…

Recently, I was talking to a fan, and we both agreed, that we wished we had a boyfriend like Ryan Hunter at High School. It was a simple comment, but it made me think, and finally I had to say that I did have my Hunter… Want to get the full story? Not in a book, of course, but I can tell you now. 😉

We had a song…

I was seventeen when the ultimate romance happened to me. I lived in Vienna, went to school there and all, but every summer, I spent two months at my grandparents’ house in Upper Austria. (Beautiful place, very green and far away from any city bustle.)

It was before my last year at High School, that I came to this place again, and my best friend and I spent the days outside – from the early morning till late at night. I had to suck in as much nature as I could to live from it later when I had to go back to the city, which I hated. However, one afternoon, we were just playing some lay-tennis in the street in front of my grandparents’ house, when this super sexy car drove by. It was a dark cherry with some really cool features. The guy had to slow down, because we were blocking the street, and the tennis ball rolled toward his front tire. I went to get it and that was when I looked at his face…and immediately fell in love.

I know that some of you don’t like instant love in a romance book, because you think it’s cliché. But if I ever use it, I do because I know how fast it can happen in real life. He looked every bit like Ryan Hunter, except his hair wasn’t black but blond.

So, when he was gone, I turned to my friend and with only one look she knew, it had gotten me bad. The cool thing was that she knew this guy. Not personally, but she’d heard her older sister talk about him and his car before. Apparently, he was nineteen, lived in this small town only some 500 meters away from my house…and he was a playboy.

Really, I thought. How would that work with me? I had just turned seventeen, had never been kissed, and was the shyest girl in all Austria.

Are you thinking now that we would have made a stunning match? 😉 I thought so, too, LOL. The only problem was I had no idea how to get close to him. I didn’t know any of his friends. I didn’t use to go out so I could have met him in a café, bar, club, whatever. And I had no sexy car that would have caught his attention. Heck, I didn’t even have a driving license back then, because in Austria, you have to be eighteen to get it.

So, as the silly chicks that my friend and I had been, we started hanging out somewhere close to his place in the town’s center. There was this one shop right underneath his apartment, and it had a cool ledge that you could sit on like on a bench. We did just that. We sat there for hours every weekend (I soon learned that he wasn’t home during the week because he just had to do this military service that every guy in Austria has to do for eight months at age 18+) trying to catch a glimpse at him when he came home or just randomly drove around, which he loved to do.

The good thing was I saw him quite often. The sad thing was I saw him with several girls. It was enough for me to turn tail and give up hope. I would never be brave enough and walk over to start an easy flirt with him which all those other chicks seemed to be totally cool with. I envied them for being so chilled around him. Like I said, I was a shy one. Too bad…

But then one day, and I even remember the date (August 15th, 1997), my friend and I were hanging out in front of my house, just chilling in the sun, when something happened, that I won’t forget for the rest of my life. This guy drove past my house again, quite slowly. He turned his head to my side, and one corner of his mouth tilted up. (Know now why all the heroes in my books do this time and time again? ;-))

My heart did a somersault. Literally! I was totally stunned and couldn’t believe he really just did that. It was such a personal thing between him and me that I knew, with all the hanging out close to his place, I must have caught his attention. And it felt like an invitation. What for…? I didn’t know yet. But with all the excitement boiling in my chest, I just had to see him again. So my friend and I went to that shop and slumped down on the window sill like we’d used to do so often. It only took a few minutes until he showed up and parked across the street. I tried not to, but I couldn’t stop looking at him when he was talking to a friend for some minutes. Suddenly, that friend came over to us. I’d seen him before, because he was the boyfriend of someone I knew. His name was J. but I’d never talked to him before. He asked us if we’d be up to some cruising around with the two of them.

I cast an offended look at the blond guy again and thought, Seriously? You—playboyare sending your friend to ask? It somehow hurt my pride, so I told his friend no. Not unless the blond would ask personally. J. went back and passed on the message. What happened next was just so sexy that it still makes me smile when I think back to it today. The blond laughed, cut a glance to the sky, shook his head in disbelief, probably rolled his eyes, then he smiled, looked my way, and called across the street, “All right…come on!”

My friend was totally up for it, because while I was in love with him, she was in love with his car. Okay, I was in love with his car, too, but he came first. LOL

So with this lovely invitation, I couldn’t resist any longer, and I was totally shaky, excited, nervous, and all, as we ambled across the street toward him. He was leaning against the hood of his car, with his arms folded over his chest and his legs crossed at the ankles. He slightly cocked is head. “Up for a ride?”

“Only if I can sit in the front,” I answered.

That sexy half-smile played on his lips again. “Fine with me.”

I was just about to get into the passenger seat, when my friend suddenly protested with a sullen pout, “Hey, why do you get to sit in the front?”

Of course it would have meant a lot to her to sit in the front in the car of her dreams. But it meant more to me to sit right next to the guy of my dreams. 😉 But I couldn’t say that out loud, so I replied playfully, “Because I’m older than you.”

And then the blond stepped behind me, really close, and told my friend by drawling into my ear, “And because I don’t want her to sit in the back.”

You may imagine how that made me happy. 🙂

We cruised around for about an hour, getting to know each other just a little. I found out his name—which started with an H. And I just loved listening to his voice. It was the sexiest sound I’d ever heard.

When he stopped where he’d picked us up, we got out and talked for a while, but then it was getting close to five, and that was the time, when my Gran usually wanted me to come home for dinner. My grandparents were cool. I didn’t have to show up often, just for meal times, so my friend and I told the guys we had to go home.

“Will you come back later?” he asked me.

I smiled because he sounded every bit like he wanted me to. “Maybe.”

“You better do.”

“So? Why?”

He leaned in a little closer and purred in my ear, “Because I know where you live.”

That is the stuff that still makes the hair at the back if my neck stand on end. 😉 Sorry, guys, I didn’t intend to make this post so long. I’ll stop here. Just so much for closing, I met him again that same evening and it was really nice. But he was a playboy—don’t you forget that—and I decided I didn’t want to be just someone on his list of bad reputation. I made him wait one year and a half until I let him kiss me for the first time.

And just yesterday he told me in our bedroom that I was totally worth the wait… 😉

20 thoughts on “How I met my Hunter…

  1. Aww so cute I could totally see Hunter being him I love that you wrote this 🙂

  2. Oh I love it! Thank you for sharing this with us. I have to say, you have made my day…. and again, because of you, I’m going to be smiling like a fool for the rest of the day.

  3. Um…you’re welcome?
    But I know what you mean. I’m dying to hear a good romance from anybody. About a year ago, I started this little romance experiment, where I sent out three pretty books to total strangers and asked them to write the story of their first true love, then pass it on to another random stranger on the street. The books went around for a while, but then they dissappeared, which is really sad, because some really great stories may have been lost with them…

  4. My firts true love…. ohhh I remember him! we were 7 and in kindergarden, he always stole my lunch candy and he always made me chase him around the playground. We love/hate eachother but, if by chance I managed to catch up to him, he always gave me my candy back with a kiss. It’s silly I know but I remember him and I remember being so sad when I had to change schools… I gave him my favorite stuffed animal (a really ugly dog) as a farewell gift and he gave one of his “cool” cars (a small red one)…. where did I put that car?

  5. OMG this post is great! This sounds like a something that would happen in a movie or a book.I adore Ryan Hunter so it is nice to know where some of the inspiration came from for the character. So you are still together that is so sweet? That is great that you made him wait and that you didn’t want to be another girl on his list. Good for you.

  6. Aww, I hope you still have that car! This is just so romantic. I bet it made you smile when you remembered that moment as you wrote it down here. 😉

  7. Well, we had our ups and downs, were both together with other people in between (believe it or not but I ended up with Jay) but everyone knew that we were madly in love with each other and it damn well showed every time we met. He never stopped fighting for me. After four years I decided to give that “couple-thing” with him a try. 😉

  8. I think once in everyone’s life, such a memorably thing happens and it will make you smile for years. You may just have to wait a little longer 🙂

  9. Wait I’m confused so you ended up with the guys friend? Did you end up dating the guy you origionally liked?

  10. It was complicated. I didn’t trust him initially. I thought, he’d just mess around with me like with all those other girls, then move on. And I told him I wasn’t just “any girl”. He said, he knew that, but…still, I didn’t believe him. So yes, I ended up with his friend. It was an on and off relationship which didn’t work out in the end (although we were in love and really tried to get things straight). During the off-times, I sometimes dated ‘him’, and he always told me he’d wait for me…for the time when I’d realize he wasn’t fucking around with feelings, but that he was truly in love with me. Turned out that he was right. 😉

  11. Okay that is understandable. He was a playboy so you had every right to have reservations. Yah it does sound complicated. It seems like the two friends would have got into fights over that because of the whole “guy code”. Well at least it all worked out in the end.

  12. We had everything. Even the fight. 😉 It was an emotional time like any teenager would live through, and though it was also the best time of my life, I’m happy that it’s over and things are quieter now… LOL, I never thought I would actually ever say that! 😉

  13. I already love Ryan Hunter by reading the way you made him, describe him.
    And now that I know the idea of his ‘existence’… oh I don’t know, I could probably be obsessed about him.
    Anyway, I enjoy reading your books, and I’m waiting for the new ones to come, hopefully soon! 🙂

  14. I know what you mean by “obsessed”. Totally understand, actually. 😉

  15. Damn you woman for making me go crazy reading this xDD we all love to read love stories, but to know that they actually happened to someonr changes everything.
    And i’m so happy to know you are european. So am I =D

  16. Hi Miiana (or is it Miianas?),
    I think once in everyone’s life, there’s a moment of real romance. Your first love, the first kiss, all the butterflies… 😀

    Over a year ago, I sent out 3 beautiful books. Empty ones. I gave it to random people with a little letter inside. Everyone should write down their happiest, romantic moment in their lives (the first kiss, or the first time being asked out…), just something that made the smile when they remembered it.

    Then they should pass on the book to another random person, and if possible send me a message, that another story was added. I got a few messages, but after a while they stopped.

    I really would have loved for this book to travel around, gather lovestories, make people happy, and come back to me at the end… It’s a shame that it never did.

    Sorry, I got carried away here. What I really wanted to ask is…where in Europe are you from? 😀

  17. Portugal =D it’s kind of away from Austria. But it’s in the same continent. You have no idea how happy I got after reading you were European. Oh, and my name is Mariana. Miianas is just the nickname =D

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