What I want(ed)…

My very own wish list!

One rainy afternoon in fall, I sat down at the kitchen table and started writing a list of things I wanted. Little things and big things, some to get sooner, some to get later. In the end, I had filled 6 pages. Wow, what a fucking lot, LOL

Now, five years later, I can tick off almost everything on that list.


Here’s what I jotted down that day:


I want to…


– finish writing my book (check)

– publish it (check)

– make a living with writing at the age of 35 (check – and I’m only 32 now 😉 )

– go on a journey once every year (check)

– have privacy (check)

– live in a house without any neighbors somewhere close to a lake (due, but I’m working on that one)

– go to California again (due)

– go to England (check 3 times)

– have an English pen pal (check and lost him again)

– make a name with my books (check)

– see one of my books as a movie one day (due)DSC03369

– touch a dolphin (oh check! 🙂 )

– have lots of money, a dog, and two horses (check for the money, the rest didn’t come)

– be on an old pirate ship (due)

– be able to say, “Hey Mom, I’m coming over for a cup of coffee” (they live 200 miles away, but I even did that once, so check)

– try on wedding dresses (check)

– not get married until he really wants it, too (I’m married now 😉 )

– have more time (check)

– have long hair (check and cut again)

– spend more time with my friends (check)

– have the sixth sense (sometimes I think I do)

– be a little more disciplined (I swear I’m working on it! Tomorrow)

– lose weight (check)

– be athletic (check)

– have really cool clothes (check)

– there to be more in this world (it is for me)

– be connected to earth (due)

– talk to angels (check)

– get answers from angels (check)

– see my son grow up healthy (he’s going to have a brain surgery this summer, which might stop his seizures eventually)

– be healthy (I’m feeling okay, that’s good enough for now)

– be able to be happy about small things (check)

– pass my book-keeping exam (check)

– get respect (check)

– trust and be trusted (check)

– be able to eat without getting fat (do you know how this works? I don’t)

– have a good and strong relationship (check)

– have an open and trustworthy relationship (check)

– not feel lonely when I have some time for myself at last (check)

– be egoistical and enjoy it (check)

– be understood without needing to say much (check)

– explode when I can’t put my thoughts into words (I never exploded in the past, but one can never know what’s happening in the future)

– get new shoes (check)

– have my very own and nice place to write (check)

– make someone happy (check)

– have beautiful fingernails (check)

– be home more (check)

– have a cake (check)

– live in a different time (well, that’s working only in my books)

– be a princess (sigh…)

– get a song dedicated to me (due)

– get inspired (check)

– dream of flying (check)

– have talent (I think I do have a bit of it, right?)

– be brave (check)

– be beautiful for him (check)

– be mysterious (I don’t know)

– meet Orlando Bloom and Harrison Ford (due)

– be able to do something that no one else can do (check)

– not panic when I have to drive a car (due)

– not panic when I’m riding a horse (check)

– hug a tree (check)

– meet the right people (check)

– deeper friendships (check)

– be someone who people can tell tales about (check)

– have warm feet (due)

– have someone to talk to with the same interests as me (check)

– have a wedding by the sea (can’t even say due, ‘cause I’m married and it didn’t happen in the Caribbean)

– have a whole damn lot of imagination (check)

Closing, I have to say I really love how my life turned out. 🙂 Then again, I never gave up, no matter what others thought about it. 6436-Watch+Me-facebook-cover


Happy looooong weekend, everyone!


4 thoughts on “What I want(ed)…

  1. Hey I could be your pen pal I live
    In North Yorkshire England if u wanted
    Mirren xx

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Ha ha, thanks for the offer Mirren. Actually, I’ve got more people to talk to in England and the USA than I ever hoped for with all the writing and critiquing for fellow authors I do. But if you want to hang out for a chat, head over to ma facebook site and say hello! I always love to hear more of my readers 😀

  3. On my due list:

    – To wish Piper Shelly good luck with her son’s surgery. (check)

    I’m sure he will be just fine, after all, his mom has a lot of crazy fans wishing the best for him…. and, lets face it, with you as his mom, I’m sure he will grow up to be as much of a heartbreaker as Ryan is.

  4. Thank you, Veronica! For everything in that post. I am a little nervous because of the surgery, but I’m sure it’ll work out just fine. 🙂
    And yes, I can totally see him be any girls dreamboy. He just has to work on his manners a little more and stop calling them stupid… LOL

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