How weird…but I do want to get it!!

Hi all!

Last week I received a cool email from an e-magazine called InD’tale that reviewed PLAY WITH ME in January. Now they tell me, because my novella got a fabulous 5* review, it’s running for the RONE Award. How cool is that?! If only I knew what a RONE Award is. LOL

However, it sounded like a really great thing, and the winner goes to Las Vegas. Hey, I do want to go to Las Vegas. And heck, I want this RONE Award. But I’ll only get it if you all help me with it. There’s a vote going on at this site for exactly one week. And it started on Friday.

RONE Award

There’s a rub…you can’t just vote, you have to register first. They promise no spam, no subscription, just filling in your email addy and hitting the activation link, so the vote is legal and registered. I won’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to do that, because normally I don’t do things where I have to register first either…unless my favorite author asks me to. 😉

So, would you? For me? Pretty pleeeaaaase? 🙂

PLAY WITH ME is listed with the novellas/short stories. I’d really like to get that RONE thing, because the name is just cool. I’ll have to name one of my future characters that, ha ha.

Thanks for your help and voting.

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “RONE?

  1. Ha ha, I totally agree with you, Veronica! And thanks for your support! 😀

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