Four months ago, I shouted: IT’S OUT! IT’S OUT!! OMG, IT’S FINALLY OUT!!!

That was when I release PLAY WITH ME. Now I’m shouting again, for a different reason. Today I’m happy to give you RYAN HUNTER. The guy grew on me in a heartbeat, and I know some of you fell for him, too. 😉

paperback blue

Come, celebrate his early release with me!

Right now I’m having a cup of coffee and a piece of delicious cream cake, but tonight I’ll be out partying with a friend. I’d like to party with all of you in a little while…once you got the chance to read Ryan’s book. So how about Sunday on facebook? Just drop by and leave a comment. Tell me how you liked the book, what you would have changed, or which was your favorite scene. I’ll be around all day and answering any questions. 🙂

See you soon!


16 thoughts on “Meet RYAN HUNTER

  1. In late summer or early fall, I think. I need to take a deep breath after throwing out RH in record time, and then I need to spend some more time with my family this summer. But the book is already half-finished, so it shouldn’t be too long any more. 🙂

  2. Not at this point, because it’s all just a very raw draft. But when I start working on Tony again, I’ll post another chapter and some snippets again on Facebook 🙂

  3. I was grining like mad when reading Play with Me. I was dancing around my house when I heard about Ryan’s book. And now that I have finish reading both books (againg because I can seem to have enough of them), I’m grinning like a fool and doing a happy dance that makes look like a 15 year old. My sister is staring at me like I’m mad, but honestly I don’t care, I’m happy and I’m old enough not to care if people think I’m mad or weird because I can’t stop smiling…. And I have you to thank you for it. So, thank you for sharing such an amazing story and for making me act like a fool. Now I’m going to leave you because there is this book waiting for me… You might have heard about it, It’s about this guy named Julian and a girl named Jona (^.^)

  4. Hey Remo, I was wondering when you would speak up 😛
    Sorry, hun, but this time I’m not giving out ARCs. In fact, I’m never again doing it with any books, hope you can understand that. The print book comes out in two days. Get that one? 😀

  5. Ha ha, you’re crazy, Veronica. But it’s exactly that what I like about people. Doesn’t leave me the only crazy person around here. And hey, let me know how you liked Julian. The story is something totally different because it’s a little paranormal, but I hope you like it anyway 🙂

  6. just wanted to know if there would be more on Ryan and Liza I would enjoy reading more about them.

  7. There’s a little about them in Tony’s book, but they aren’t the main focus any longer. 🙂

  8. It’s fine! I’ve bought my copy and I’m gonna start whizzing through it after my DofE Expedition. You have no idea how it has been tempting me, just there staring at me!! I have to wait just a bit longer and then I’ll allow myself to read it 😛

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