May!! I correct myself…

Hey folks,

Some of you are waiting for RYAN HUNTER‘s release in July. Well, I don’t know how to really tell you, but I think Cover Ryan HunterJuly isn’t working. I just can’t wait that long. So, yeah, I think May is a good month to realease a cool romance, eh? How about May 3rd? 😉

And just to get you into the right mood, here’s a little excerpt. Enjoy!

There were close to three hundred people in this house. Looking for her might turn out as a problem. But then there was no need to. The little hairs at the back of my neck bristled when she emerged from the mass, glancing around like a shy little doe.

Her super short, black pants took a millisecond to make my eyes go wide and my mouth water. A moment after her gaze met mine, I turned toward her fully and only leaned with one shoulder against the wall. She fumbled with the hem of her gray tank top as she glanced to one side and back at me. From years of charming girls, I knew what I was doing. Since she had my direct attention now, she had no other choice than come over and say hello. I took another swig as I watched my plan work out.

Near enough to grant me a close-up of the pendant on her necklace dipping into the valley between her breasts, she stopped and lifted a greeting hand instead of speaking.

I cocked my head and gave her the lightest smile I could manage. “Hi.”

“You have a nice place. So full of—”



“Yeah. Thanks.” Hm, was that the right thing to say? I pushed away from the wall and leaned in a little closer, because I hated to shout over the music. Okay, the music wasn’t as loud back here, so it might not only have been that, but I really liked to breathe in the sweet scent if her shampoo. Her hair tickled my cheek when I lowered my head even more to speak into her ear. “It was about time that Mitchell brought you here. He kept you away from this place long enough.”

Her nose brushed the underside of my jaw, giving me a really good feeling in my stomach. “Do you know where he is?”

Sorry, baby, but I can’t tell you that. Looking down, I only saw her perfect, apple-shaped boobs and a waist that begged to be hugged against mine. The bottle of beer in my hand gave me a chance to hold onto something as I fought against the urge to grab what I already had determined as mine. “Nope,” I answered her question then washed away the bitter aftertaste of the lie with a swig of Corona.

Liza had her own bottle of beer and drank when I did, but she looked like it was the nastiest stuff one could have given her. I wondered if she’d gotten it from Tony, but I was pretty sure he made a point at keeping this girl sober.

Our fridge was stocked with things that tasted better than Corona, and I didn’t like the thought of her getting tipsy at my party, anyway. At least no one had given her a glass of the strawberry wine cooler. That stuff would have knocked her out of her shoes.

With her wrist in my hand, I pulled her away from the hall and into the kitchen to trade her beer for a soda. Touching her actually felt so good that I couldn’t bring myself to let go of her immediately, so I put my bottle on the counter and worked one-handed to pop a can of Sprite for her. Replacing the bottle with the can, I made an effort to gently close her fingers around it.

“You shouldn’t drink beer,” I told her and hoped I didn’t sound like her dad or something. “Especially not in this place.”

Thankfully, she wasn’t pissed at my parenting her. In fact, she looked happy about the new drink and sipped from it while I still held her discarded bottle. I leaned my butt against the counter and crossed my legs at the ankles. “You did really well today,” I offered as an ice breaker for an easier chat.

She swallowed the hook, but she knew I was being polite and not very honest. “I was lousy. And you know it. I still don’t get why you chose me to play in your team.”

Yeah, why? I gave a nonchalant shrug and drank from her discarded bottle. Jeez, I just had my mouth on the same spot where her lips had touched before. It might be childish, but I enjoyed that moment like nothing else before. Then I drawled, “I don’t know. Maybe I just want you there.” My teasing added a spark to her shiny apple eyes. I liked how I could give her a coating of goose-bumps with just this tiny bit of truth. “Do a little endurance training every day, and you’ll be a capable player.”

“I guess I’m lacking motivation to do that. I’m like a lame duck at running.”

Is that so? Hm, what could we do about that? “What you need is a personal trainer.”

The pretty girl in front of me laughed and took a short step back, studying me with disbelieving eyes. “You want the job?”

That was why I suggested it. But I played my cool role to perfection. “Sure, why not? If you promise to show some enthusiasm, I promise to be there.”

She tilted her head and narrowed her eyes a little. I couldn’t blame her for not trusting me just yet. We were only getting acquainted with each other. Liza wasn’t someone you rushed into your bed. She was a gem that you enjoyed marveling at. If you were lucky you got the chance to touch her delicate surface. A treasure that I’d go any to length to make my own.

Eventually, she said, “Okay, deal.”

Deal? That was a fucking yes to a date. I felt like an idiot from one of Susan Miller’s romance books when my heart actually did some sort of back-flip in my chest. I struggled to stay cool, but I managed to keep my pleasure under control and just nodded. “We’ll start Monday morning.”

She didn’t look so happy any more. Hopefully, she didn’t regret her decision already. Anyway, I wouldn’t let her go back on her word, and I made that clear by trapping her gaze with a hot, determined look. If she got her foot into this game with me, she wouldn’t get out of it single. I wanted her aware of whom she was dealing with, because I’d never felt as true to the name Bay Shark as I did in this moment.

“Hey, Ryan! We’re starting a game of pool. Are you in?”

Fuck you, Justin! I wanted to strangle my friend for ruining this moment for me. I glared over Liza’s shoulder at my friend, and he sure knew right then that he’d come at the entirely wrong moment.

“Sorry, man,” he mouthed and grimaced.

Exhaling a sigh, I pushed away from the counter. The spell was over, I might as well go play pool with my friends now. But I was going to do sports with Liza on Monday. I had been waiting years for that chance, so what was one more day? “There in a sec,” I told Justin.

When he was gone and I looked at Liza’s beautiful face again, I wondered what that sweet mouth of hers would taste like. I stroked her cheek with the neck of my bottle. And there it was, dammit. The first dreamy look in her eyes that was only for me.

“Enjoy the night,” I said in quite a soft way. “And whatever you do, stay away from the strawberries.”

It was time to go, or I would do something stupid that was way too early in my plans of seducing Liza. So I headed for the door, leaving her a little stunned. But when I stepped past her, I couldn’t resist stroking the back of her hand with my own.

16 thoughts on “May!! I correct myself…

  1. Ahhh YES please!!! May 3rd sounds awesome because I hate waiting long too! and it happens to be on my birthday month LOL. I guess I know what I want for my birthday, since you know I can’t get Ryan Hunter…I guess I’ll settle for his book… 😉 LOL

  2. Yay I am glad the book is coming out early. I have been reading the excerpts and they are all great so far so I can’t wait to read the entire book.

  3. Ha ha, Ryan for my birthday, now that is a wish I need to remember when blowing out the candles…

  4. As soon as I get it back from my editor and corrected all the errors, we’re good to go. 🙂

  5. I saw that you posted on facebook asking people what made people like Ryan Hunter.

    What’s not to like about Ryan Hunter. There is just something about the character. Sure Hunter has been around the block quite a bit but I do not see him as an average player. He is just a likeable character. I think it is sweet that he had a crush on Liza since he was 8 or 9 years old. I think he is a good friend. He never made a move on Liza because of Tony. He really values is friendships. Also, he treats Liza with respect. Hunter just seems like a normal guy. It is nice to read a story for a change where the characters do not have tragic pasts. Don;t get me wrong there are many stories I like where the characters have tragic stories. However, every once in a while it is nice to read a story where the characters aren’t so traumatized.

  6. I totally agree with you. Also about the tragic and non-tragic book. PLAY WITH ME was born because last year I was working hard on a paranormal romance with lots of tragedy at it and at some point I just needed a break. Something totally light and silly, short and sweet. I never expected that this little break from real writing would be my ticket onto the bestseller lists 🙂

  7. I absolutely love your book PLAY WITH ME and can’t wait to read RYAN HUNTER!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR WRITING !

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