Cover for Ryan Hunter

What’s crackin’? Are you waiting for Ryan Hunter’s book and point of view of all the events in Grover Beach?

It’s so much fun writing this book, and everything is coming together really fast. So I believe it’s time for an official cover reveal. Ta daa!!!

 Cover Ryan Hunter

I hope you like what my cover artist, Montana Jade, made of Hunter’s cover. I was in love with it from the very first second.

Now, while everyone is impatiently waiting for the book to be released (me too), how about something funny to kill time? I’d love to hear your favorite quote from PLAY WITH ME, if you have any. Just throw it in a comment below.  🙂

Happy Sunday evening!


4 thoughts on “Cover for Ryan Hunter

  1. “I can feel you staring at me,” he said in the softest wake-up voice I’d ever heard. “I only hope you’re a girl and not one of the drunken guys.”

    Definitely one of my favorites. 😀

  2. Definitely one of mine, too, Gabriella. 😉 And then Liza’s panicky come-back. LOL

  3. The book starts a bit early, just before the soccer camp. There is a lot new content in it, as Hunter has his own scenes with friends. Only the scenes where he and Liza are together are the same, but with his thoughts and reactions. I think you’ll like it. 🙂
    It probably will come out in July.

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