RULE by Jay Crownover

This is a definite fiver!

I read over 50 reviews of this book before I decided to get it, and they all said the same. Brilliant but oh so many errors. As a writer and freelance proofreader this really turned me off, and even after I bought the book, I waited about a month before I decided to finally give it a try…because seriously, I can handle a lot, but heck no errors in a book. And yes, that’s where I was mistaken.

In fact, RULE is written in such an awesome style that the errors didn’t even start to bother me. And hell, yeah, that is a first!


The story begins with Rule waking up next to an ink bunny, who he better get’s out of his bed soon, because he has business to do. And before we learn what’s really going on, SHE already stands in the door. Shaw. He doesn’t bother that she sees him naked with a slut in his room. Heck, she’s seen it every Sunday over so many years. He only knows, he has to get up, get clean, and get his ass into her car in ten minutes, or she’d drive off without him.  Everything that comes after this particular scene is pretty cool romance staring a nice girl that doesn’t want to be as nice any longer, and a guy who has tattooed BAD all over him. They do match! Just not from the start.

And now I’d like to stop giving you a rerun of the book, which you can read in mostly all of the 1400 reviews on Goodreads anyway, but focus on the one fact that really hooked me and made me read all the way through, even though the story line seemed a little dragged on after the middle. It’s Jay Crownover’s amazing way to play with words. Being a writer myself, I of course look at books differently than most other readers, and it takes a lot for me to fall for a book. I’ve put more books down in the past couple of month after the first chapter than I actually finished reading, but with RULE, I realized after page two that this is remarkable writing and totally worth to be read.

It’s when we’re in Rules mind at the beginning and see him struggle to get his shit together in time, that I felt myself starting to hold my breath, reading that bit faster, just to get to the point where the first real bit of information is revealed. His name.

I was all set for a silent ride, but apparently she had things to say today, because as soon as she pulled the car onto the highway, she turned the radio down and said my name. “Rule.”

The author has a unique way of letting her mouth loose and making a point with everything she says. Her dialogues are a bit long at times, but they always serve a purpose and make sense, and it’s just beautiful to listen to Rule and Shaw debating things.

Now I gotta go see if I still have a girlfriend or if I managed to drink myself single last night.

However, the most memorable line came from a person you may deem as a side character, but the gal sure gives everybody shit who messes with her guys in the tattoo shop. Her name is Cora, and she’s just the friend Shaw needs at this phase in her life.

I think it’s genetically impossible not to be kind of in love with him, when you come equipped with a vagina.

Some of you follow my reviews, and you all know I’m honest to a fatal point with what I say about books. So I won’t lie here either. There were a few moments in the book where I wanted to jump right in and slap the heroine upside her head. It mostly happened when she was around or thinking about her parents. The way the author made this woman crawl in front of her folks just didn’t work for me. I would have wanted the girl to stand for herself from the first time her idiotic mother opened her mouth, or when her absent father threatened to stop coming up for tuition if she didn’t play nice with the jerk, who’s mostly called Polo Shirt in this book. But for the sake of a nice story, I turned my rage button off and just read over it until the very end.

And the end came clean and beautiful, with enough setup for more books in the Marked Men Series, but also with a nice solution that doesn’t leave you hanging like some other books I’ve read.

Over all, I totally enjoyed this book, but eventually I have to say that something happened to me here, which is very rare. When I finished Rule, I didn’t go like “Aww, I want to reread it and just relive all the beautiful moments with this sexy guy” like I normally do when I close a good book. No, this time my only thought was, Heck, I wish I could write like Jay!

Major congrats to Jay Crownover for creating a phenomenon with her debut novel. I wish her lots and lots of success while she’s trying to figure out how to deal with the change in her life. And if you’re curious now about who the amazing mind behind this book is, come back in a few days because then I’ll have Jay over at my virtual place and we’re talking about the good things and the crap that came along with the success.

See you around!


2 thoughts on “RULE by Jay Crownover

  1. Hi piper
    I am a huge fan I was just wondering
    If u could tell me what the name of the
    Book about tony from play with me pls
    I can’t remember the name

    Sent from Rosalina skelita calaveras

  2. Hi Mirren, the book doesn’t have a name yet. I thought about titling it She’s pretty…So what? but this seems a bit long. I’ll have a name by the time it’s going to be published. 🙂

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