It’s not every day…

…that you get the chance to talk to a sexy hunk like Aethan from Georgia Lyn Hunter‘s extraordinary romance Absolute Surrender.

Welcome to part three of Lyn’s author spotlight! Today with a character interview I was looking forward to do for a very long time. Ladies…meet Aethan! 🙂

Me: Tell us, Empyrean, how old are you?

Aethan: Mortals are obsessed with age. *Shakes head* Týr thinks I’m older than dirt.

Me: Why so reluctant? Just tell the number… 😉 I heard the word three-thousand once. Is it true?

Aethan: Yeah, that I’ve been on this realm. Let’s just say not as old as the Arc.

(His eyes gleam in amusement.)

Me: What have you been up to in all this time?

Aethan: Keeping humans out of trouble—not an easy task when they have this inane ability to attract trouble of the worst kind, makes our job damn difficult.

Me: Felt lonely at some point?

Aethan: My life is one of solitude—or it used to be.

Me: You’ve been alone a long time. Have you never had a woman in all the years after you left Empyrea?

Aethan: Not humans…ah, *a hint of a smile* they can’t handle me, except my mate…

(Ah damn, that smile—so sexy. I should have met this man a year ago…before he bumped into Echo)

Me: I heard about your first encounter with Echo by the stone angel. Had to laugh when she jumped onto the bench to be on eye level with you. What made this woman so attractive to you?AS-GLH-final 2013-03-18 at 1.13.46 PM

Aethan: She wasn’t afraid of me, or interested—something I wasn’t used too… then she jumped on that bench, yeah, that was it.

Me: How did the blue get into your hair? And how long is your hair at the moment?

Aethan: *Shrugs* The color is a recessive gene… inherited from my father’s side of my family. *He pulls off the tie, and his hair falls to his shoulder*

(Beautiful! Like a cloud of blue-black silk. I can’t resist, I touch the strands, shocking him but he lets me—cool guy. And it feels just like silk, too. I have to force my hand away from his hair…)

Me: What do you miss most about Empyrea?

Aethan: My family. *His expression turns stark—sad.* My friends, Reynner and Vallex.

Me: What do you like most in the human world? (Apart from Echo 😉 )

Aethan: The simple lives humans lead. Technology.

Me: You didn’t have technology in Empyrea?

Aethan: We have powers—abilities, there is no need for technology.

Me: Did you shower in the river and dry naked in the wind?

Aethan: Aah. *Another hint of a smile.* We have those facilities. But nothing beats nature.

Me: LOL! Okay, we’re reaching the end of our nice chat. For the closing, I have a list of quick draw questions.

Best friend?

Aethan:  Two. Reynner & Vallex

Waltz or Tango?

Athan: Waltz


Aethan: Range Rover

Me: And here I thought he would say “flashing”. Favorite clothes on Echo?

Aethan: A grin… As little as possible.

Sex with music or without?

Aethan: Depends… on the mood.

Planning on children?

Aethan: Definitely

What name would you give them?

Aethan: Ben & Jerry.  *smiles*

Ever heard of facebook?

Aethan: *grimaces* I communicate telepathically with the other warriors and even that’s a pain in the ass—

Me: LOL. Right, got it. Thank you so much for chatting with me. Give all your guardian friends my love—and my number. 😉

Okay, ladies, this was the end of Lyn’s author spotlight at my place. I thought it was a lot of fun and hope you enjoyed it too.

Happy egg hunt, everyone!


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