I like it when this happens to me…it’s rare

Morning, folks!

Do I sound tired…? That’s probably because I am. I did a lot of reading last night and continued right when I woke up this morning, so it’s just 6:43 now and I’ve been awake already for hours.

Why? Because of a book, like I said. The book that munched me up like this was RULE. Have you heard of it?

The thing is the story wasn’t so much what held me captive, but a different, very simple thing. The writing style of Jay Crownover. Ever since I became a writer, I started looking at books differently, which truly is a curse that only few other people (mostly authors or editors) can relate to. The last book I thoroughly enjoyed was Kerrelyn Sparks’ ‘How to marry a millionaire vampire’. That was the last book I read before I turned my private life into a virtual book factory. That was the last book I read before I started editing for other authors. That was the last book where I gave a damn about typos or errors of other sorts while reading. Everything that came after this book went through a mental spell check and deep edit in my mind as I turned the pages. And guys, that’s no fun.

Why does RULE make me talk about this fact? Because the book is extraordinary in three ways. First, it’s contaminated with errors, not typos, but that kind errors where the end of the sentence doesn’t match the beginning, when you have the words THE and A teamed up and when you don’t know who is talking at the moment because the action beats are on war with the dialogue itself. Second, that exact thing, which would have driven me totally crazy in any other book, didn’t even start to bother me while reading this one. And third, Jay has a voice, a way to play with words and put them together in such a greatly collaborating way, that her style is out of this world, and I say that with the utmost of admiration from the bottom of my writer heart.

For a while now, I made it a point to review books I read. You’ll never see me give 2 or even 1 star to a book, because frankly, those are the books that I just couldn’t finish. And what’s the point in talking about them, if I didn’t live them through to the end. In fact, in the past couple of years, I put more books down after the first chapter, than I actually finished reading, which might make you think I’m a very picky reader, but…ah, what the heck, you’re right if you think that. I just appreciate quality writing, and if it doesn’t suck me in from the get go, I don’t see a point in trying too hard or forcing myself to waste the little time I have between my day job, writing, and my family, on something that I can’t enjoy to the full. Although the story line of RULE didn’t capture me the way a good paranormal romance does, I still have to state now that the book left an awfully huge impression. Something that doesn’t happen often with me recently, and all the more I do appreciate it.

I talked to the woman, who wrote it, told her how I’m feeling about her writing…I think I did (and if not, she’ll know it now)…and asked her to get the chance for a close-up and personal during an interview which she happily agreed to. We’re going to do a three layered author spotlight on my virtual place, where you get my more formal review of Rule, a pretty long, but cool interview with Jay, and finally a character interview with a special one, someone you probably would never have expected to finally speak up.

So yeah…see you around, guys.


One thought on “I like it when this happens to me…it’s rare

  1. nice ramblings, Piper, enjoyed it. I can totally relate.
    Argh, I far prefer to read something I enjoy than to slog through one I don’t. and slam it down. Look forward to your interview.

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