OMG! She loves Sheldon Cooper…who would have guessed?

Hey everybody! Guess who’s visiting me today! Georgia Lyn Hunter, author of the seductivelyn5 Fallen Guardian Novels. Some of you might recently have read my review of her debut novel ABSOLUTE SURRENDER, and today I’m going to introduce you to the big brain behind the story. Lyn and I did the interview in a live chat on facebook, so you might forgive us for a little bantering every now and then, cause that’s just what we normally do…

If at the end of this you have any unanswered questions, feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

Me: Hi Georgia. I’m glad you could steal some time from your writing day and squeeze in a chat with me. It’s always a pleasure to get to know my favorite authors better…not that I wouldn’t know pretty much everything about you after the past two years of our friendship. Well…everything but your actual age. 😛

Georgia: *laughes* Thanks Piper for inviting me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Me: Okay, let’s get started. Your life in a nutshell. Who are you?

Georgia: Mom, wife, and most important a paranormal writer… my son disagrees, apparently it’s mom first. 🙂 I love drawing and painting. But I’m happiest when my laptop is in front of me and I’m charging into the world of my characters, causing chaos. However, my favorite pastime is reading.

Me: Oh, you read…? I wouldn’t have guessed. 😉 Which genre are you drawn to as a reader?

Georgia: Yes—Archie comics. Kidding. I read everything, but I’m drawn to anything with a thread of romance in it. Over these past few years I’ve developed a partiality for paranormal romances.

Me: Yeah, I would have expected that, considering the hot romances you write. Speaking of hot…AS-GLH-final 2013-03-18 at 1.13.46 PMWho is the guy on the cover of your latest release, Absolute Surrender? And who designed that cover?

Georgia: Montana Jade created the cover. Love her work. I wanted stunning, and she depicted exactly what I wanted. Hot and loads of sensuality. The model – I have no idea who he is.

Me: Favorite character of your own books? Why?

Georgia: I like them all. But it has to be Aethan. He’s hardheaded, sexy and there’s just something so inviting about a guy who has no idea what walloped him in the heart when he meets the heroine. And then he falls hopelessly in love with her.

Me: Was there a favorite scene for you to write in AS?

Georgia: Oh yes, an emotional one, ¾ way through the book, in the bar between Aethan and Echo. To say more would spoil the scene.

Me: That was my second favorite scene, too. You gave all your heroes real depth, which I appreciate in a novel. I know you’re happily married. But let’s play “travel back in time” and pretend you haven’t met your husband yet. Out of all your books, who of your characters would be the perfect mate for you?

Georgia: * blushes * I’d say Aethan…but then, he’s too possessive. I like Reynner…from my second novel… Agh, I don’t know.

Me: I know what you’re talking about! 😉 However, apart from his dominance what else makes him particularly attractive to you?

Georgia:  * devilish grin * The man knows how to leave a woman trembling that she can’t think straight… more, I love his determination in getting whatever he sets his mind on, even when he’s such a hard-nut.

Me: Boneheads…my favorite! 😉 Your romances have some steamy love scenes in them. How did your husband react when he read them?

Georgia: Hubby doesn’t know. Jeez, he thinks I’m such an innocent. Only fight scenes and innocent kisses in my books. We don’t want to take away that illusion just yet…

Me: I’m lucky there, my husband doesn’t speak English. But I dread yet the day when my mom and dad are going to read those explicit sex scenes in my adult novels. Anyways… let’s move on to something different.

If you could have a mystical creature as a pet, what would it be?

Georgia: A leprechaun.

Me: Why? That’s a person.

Georgia: He’d lead me on all sorts of adventures—I can paint while he searches for the pot of gold and we both can become rich!

Me: If you found a magic wand, what would you do?

Georgia: Ask for world peace 😉 Or, wish me off to the Guardian’s castle. * yum yum *

Me: OMG!! THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT! Seriously, with all the world peace stuff and the Guardians… Now give me three interesting facts about you.

Georgia: I’m boring.

Me: No, you’re not. Come on, surprise me. Dig out the skeletons from your closet.

Georgia: Okay, digging… 😛

I love solitude. My kids and hubby can’t ever understand that. But seriously, I’d rather be with my characters then go to a party. Rain… I really miss it living out here in the desert.

And I love daisies, yet my hubby thinks roses are better.

Me: So the meanie gives you roses for your birthday instead of a bunch of daisies? 😛

Georgia: Yep, so sad. * grins *

Me: From your posting quotes on your facebook page, I know you’re an avid fan of the Big Bang Theory. What do you like most about this show?

Georgia: I simply love Sheldon’s comebacks. The guy’s hilarious. Cracks me up every time, even when I want to punch him in the schnozzle.

Me: What was your favorite TV show when you were a teenager?

Georgia: Truth is, I never watched TV. When homework was over, my nose would be buried in a book. But later on I had a few favorite shows. I simply adore Friends. I have the entire collection and recently bought the collector’s edition with all the gag reels and extra stuff. Oh, and I loved the Thorn Birds. That thing about forbidden love, I just inhale books with that concept.

Me: Okay, now a few quick draw questions:

Hugs or kisses?

Georgia: Love the feel of arms around me. Definitely hugs.

Me: If you could name a star, what name would it be?

Georgia: Blinky.

Me: Weird name. 😉 What book are you currently reading?

Georgia: JD Robb’s Calculated in Death.

Me: Any pet peeves?

Georgia: I hate when I watch something and people around me start talking. Then I want to start killing.

Me: Tattooed?

Georgia: Yeah… not me. My warriors are. They weren’t too happy though, but when you’re chosen…can’t do much, can you?

Me: Ever seen a ghost?

Georgia: I had paranormal things happen, but no ghost 😉

Me: What is one characteristic trait of all your Fallen Guardians?

Georgia: They’re all stubborn SOB’s, as Michael calls them. But deeper, they all feel they’re unworthy to be loved. And I made them swear a lot…

Me: OMG! You swear? I’m with the wrong company. 😛

Nah, just kidding. I know the heroes in your novels like to swear. Are you one to swear a lot in real life?

Georgia: I’m shocked you even think so. I’m an angel. Can’t you see my halo? *She blinks and smiles so innocently. One would never think to be afraid of pissing her off…but we know better.* Actually, I stunned my hubby into silence when he came across the cuss words in Absolute Surrender.

Me: Is there a time of the day where you’re not writing? – What do you like to do then?

Georgia: That can happen at any given time. But when I’m not writing, I like to cook and read.

Me: Do you have a best friend, someone you like to go out with and ramble on endlessly about your (non-existent social life as a writer? 😛 ) writing endeavors?

Georgia: It’s hard to have them when hubby’s job has us moving so often. But my daughter is perfect in that regard. Love to talk to her. She has an amazing mind and is so talented. I miss her when she’s away at university in San Francisco. Thank God for Skype.

Me: So, what’s up next in your line of the Fallen Guardians?

Georgia: After AS comes Darkness Undone, an Empyrean novel.

Me: Ooh, another intriguing title. Want to tell us a little about the main plot and the hero in it?

Georgia: Ah the hero, Reynner…betrayed, tortured and bound, until Eve saves him from his own dark self!

Me: Now I would say: Sounds totally irresistible. Can’t wait to read it. But the good thing is, I read it already, and Georgia keeps all her promises there. I love that novel. Be prepared for some stubborn Empyreans, really great fights and steamy love scenes.

So, Georgia, when you started to shop Absolute Surrender, how was the response from the market?

Georgia: No one wanted another ‘angel’ story. But this book is not like the angels we know. These are Empyreans, a carnal and seductive race of being. How carnal, you’ll see soon enough…

Me: How did you deal with rejection letters?

Georgia: Cried when I got the first one. Then had a virtual bonfire for the rest 😉

Me: I trashed them! But I still remember the adrenaline high when I received an offer for my novel. Can you tell us about the moment when you received the first offer?

Georgia: It was late at night, and I decided to check my mail before I logged off and went to bed, when I got the offer. I stared at the email for so long and thought I’d misread. I ran downstairs to my hubby who was watching some sports show and told him. Yeah, it was a sublime moment.

Me: What would be the one perfect line a reader could send you in a fan e-mail?

Georgia: Your story lingered with me for days… I couldn’t read anything else. 🙂

Okay, we’ve reached the end, and though I know it’s been an unusually long interview, I want to thank those, who actually read until the bottom 🙂 I hope you enjoyed getting to know Lyn a little more the way I know her, and if you like, please come back in a few days, when I’ll post the second part of our chat, where I actually got to interview her lead character, AETHAN, the sexiest ever written male hero…apart from Ryan Hunter, of course! LOL

See you guys around!



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  1. Yeah, it was a totally funny afternoon. 🙂 And you’re always welcome in Camp Piper 😉

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