Hunter’s first book

Hey guys, it’s me. Again… Yeah, that was to be expected, I know. Be still and read on 😉

Today I’m not talking about my books or my characters for once. Because today I’d like to take the chance and introduce you to someone special. If you read the silly dedication in PLAY WITH ME (the one refering to Pinky and the Brain), then you already have heard–or read–about her. Georgia Lyn Hunter. Author and bestest critique partner in the world. In fact, she’s also my best friend in the world wide web, and yeah, I know this sucks, because we have yet to meet. But that’s just how things work between authors. LOL

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Lyn’s book has been released…oh, that must be ten minutes ago. 😉 And since I critiqued for her while she wrote it, and did a recent beta read, I think it’s only fair that I give her the first inofficial but public review for

ABSOLUTE SURRENDER (that’s her book 😉 )

Here we go…

An ancient warrior from Empyrea, and a girl that is human only on the surface. Both fighting demons—one to protect the human realm, the other for personal revenge. What a stunning match they make.

Echo lost her parents early in her life, and in foster care she experienced what hatred, pain, and humiliation mean. As soon as she could, she escaped that hell and found a guardian in Damon. (Yes, that name is a definite sign…sort of. Okay, you’ll see…) In a world that’s littered with demons of various kinds, Echo lost her best friend to the most evil of them and now hunts for the one responsible for her death. She isn’t afraid of dying, only of not being able to protect those she loves. She was born with a special ability, which is seeing demon aura, and to top it all, she’s cursed with pheromones that lure in everyone with a Y chromosome, which makes hunting easy, but relationships…not. (Seriously, that part is fantastic)

Aethan, oh Aethan…how can you be so sexy and not be real?

He is always there. To save her. To catch her. And to love her when he doesn’t even want to, because it means Echo’s death. Their first encounter near the statue of a fallen angel is bristling with heat and seduction, something to characterize the entire book. Aethan—I mean that name alone is like OMG!!—soon realizes that he’s found his mate in Echo, and I’ve never come across any other character in a book, who struggles against that fact so much. The author here did a brilliant job in catching his bi-polar emotions towards Echo. In his mind he calls her mate, but on the outside he’s like granite in his resistance. And sometimes he’s just an idiot.

The tension eased out of his big body. His expression relaxed, as much a stone could.

Throughout the story, the chemistry between Aethan and Echo sizzles like a bonfire. It’s tangible on every page. But what makes it even more special, is the layer of humor G.L.Hunter strew on top of it, and the brief moments when a badass like Aethan finds he wants to actually smile because of a woman, who’s wearing the worst haircut he’s ever seen on a girl.

If he could do that without even touching her, she truly was in trouble. But she didn’t care. She only knew if he didn’t kiss her, she would burn up from her own heat and die. And then he’d be sorry.

What I often like in novels, and especially in this one, is how the hero interacts with his friends. Aethan comes with a bunch of ‘friends’, and all of them have their own story to tell. His relationship with Týr is one of a kind. They hang out, they take jabs at each other, they nearly kill themselves in training lessons, and they tell each other straight in the face what pisses them off.

The Norse’s annoying habit of eating his M&M’s according to the Pantone Color Chart made Aethan growl. “Why can’t you eat the damn things straight?”

Týr glanced at them, his expression serious. “It’s art. Each spectrum has to be enjoyed, savored, especially green.” And the shit-eating smirk was back. Made Aethan realize he’d missed the bastard.

Echo and Aethan walk through a lot before their happy ending. There’s a terrifying demonii to defeat, a human idiot to overcome, keeping their friends safe, and figuring out a weird prophecy. One of the toughest challenges for them, though, is to work out how to be together, be intimate, without having sex. Why? Yeah, if I told you that I’d give it all away, and you don’t want that, right? 😉 However, a romance is no romance if they can’t be intimate. And Hunter doesn’t disappoint with her novel. In fact, this book contains the hottest love scene I’ve ever read.

“Take your skirt off.”

Slumberous eyes gazed at him in confusion. “What?”

“Skirt. Off. All off. Now.”

She straightened to move away from him.

“No. Stand over me and do it.”

Now, that chapter was definitely an experience of the extraordinary kind. Like when you finish the scene and think: Damn should I go shower now to cool myself down? But then you decide: NO! There’s no time for unimportant things like showering, housework, or even eating and loo breaks, when you need to find out how the story goes on. So yeah, you keep turning the pages, and believe me, their HEA isn’t a done deal just yet…

Over all: Moving, inspiring, and deeply seductive, this novel comes with a heartwarming ending. Hunter’s voice is unique and catching. Her shattered-sentences style might take some getting used to at times, but it totally worked for me, and if you’re a high-level reader, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much.

Her heroes jump right off the page and into your heart. She perfectly shaped her characters with flaws and traits as you would find within every real person, but they also come with this extra layer of arrogance that I can never resist. I cheered for Echo on every page and fell in love with Aethan from the get go. And with Týr…and with Blaéz, too…oh, and definitely with the Archangel… 😉

Echo’s and Aethan’s struggle to find a way to be together is told with a beautiful sense of humor, especially when they get into each other’s way more than just once—and that even though they’re obviously fighting on the same side. There were moments when I laughed out loud, and moments when I wanted to cry with the heroine…or the hero.

This is a sexy book, which you definitely shouldn’t miss if you’re enjoying steamy romances with characters you wish they were real.

To pick up the butler’s words: That was…quite an experience.

2 thoughts on “Hunter’s first book

  1. Because it’s a wonderful book…but I told you over and over so you knew how I feel.
    And you’re very welcome 🙂

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