Something…and a little bit

I feel like I should say something. Something like… All of you, who read PLAY WITH ME, loved it, posted a review on Goodreads and Amazon, and keep sending me messages, yeah, all you guys rock!

I never expected this hype about the book to happen, but 12,000 people have read the book in less than two months. And seriously, if you imagine that number of people in one place, you could fill a concert hall with them. This is amazing. Thank you very much!

As a little “give-back-to-you”, I thought some of you might like to get a glimpse at the story as it continues. Tony’s book is already in progress, and here’s an exclusive excerpt from the first chapter.

Happy reading!

HEADING TO THE back of the café, I looked over my shoulder and quirked my brows at my cousin. “Seriously, Cloey, it’s not like the paparazzi are hiding behind those columns and waiting to snap any misstep you make in your life.”Tony

She opened her mouth to say something, but a deeper voice came from another direction. “Watch out!”

My head snapped around at the fierce warning, and I skittered to a halt inches before I’d have crushed into the busboy. He held a protective hand in front of the empty glasses on his tray.

“Whoa! I‘m sorry,” I stuttered. What I really wanted to say was: Hello. I’m Sam, and you’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.

His eyes were blue like the sky over Egypt, and they focused on me for a couple of seconds. Then he scowled over my shoulder.

Cloey pushed to the front. “Hello, Anthony.”

I had trouble figuring out if she tried to sound flirtatious or arrogant.

“Please bring me a martini to the table and—” She looked at me, deliberating, and with a finger to her lips. “A club soda for my cousin.” Under her breath she added, “You’re going to drive home tonight.”

I felt the urge to laugh, but I feared Cloey would just take that for another reason to rebuke me, so I restrained myself. “I don’t think you’ll get alcohol in this place,” I whispered back then turned to the busboy, Anthony, and hoped Cloey would introduce me.

She didn’t. Instead she stalked toward the table at the far end in her high heels and sat down with three of her friends I had met earlier today, adjusting her black mini.

Since she had talked to the guy, he probably was one of those people we actually did converse with. I offered him a smile. “Hi. I’m Samantha Summers.”

“Get out of my way.” He said it in a polite tone, but there was ice in his gaze.

My mouth fell open.

He shoved past me, and I took a quick step to the side. My eyes dried out, because I forgot to blink in my current state of shock.

“Another Summers. Just what we needed.” His growl smashed my last bit of hope for a nice first evening in my new hometown.

11 thoughts on “Something…and a little bit

  1. He is beautiful. Already. How do you DO that in a few words?

    On another note, I hope he falls flat on his face for her, and then flat on his a$$ too lol.

    Looks like you’re enjoying them already.

  2. Oh, believe me, he will fall… 😉
    I do enjoy writing this book. I already love the heroine, and can identify with her, which is the most important part for me to write this. I started out in 3rd person POV, even had Tony in it, but I figured out, I can’t do this and keep the pace up. I needed to get into Sam’s head, so I changed everything to 1st person POV.
    Hm, now I’m just wondering, if you would like to read the little bit of Tony’s POV I had. You might like it…and it will never appear anywhere in the book…

  3. Oh, yes I would love to hear Tony’s voice! Definitely. After his big role in Play With Me, I need to know how he has moved on and how worthy a hero he is to Sam. I’m terrified that he’s hung up on Liz or Cloey. So I’m looking forward to his fall for Sam!

    Sam’s voice sounds engaging. I’m already feeling that she is gonna be wonderful to know!

  4. Sam will be a little more…crazy. But I’m sure you’ll like her just as much as Liza. As for Tony…it will take a while until he’ll realize he can let go of loving Liza and give Sam a chance. I want to get a little farther into the story, then I’ll post a longer excerpt, let’s say three or four chapters… 🙂

  5. I was a little confused. Is this the second book or the first book? And i thought the girl’s name was is liza? Can u please explain this to me? Thxs!!!!…:D

  6. Yes, this is the second book, but it’s not really about Liza. She and the others will show up, but it’s all about Tony and his HEA this time. I hope to have it out in late fall. 🙂

  7. I love all your books Piper and this one sounds good.
    I cannot wait until it is finished!

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