There will be a sequel

All right, you win!

Out of 4,500 people who read PLAY WITH ME in the past three weeks PlayWithMesince it’s out, about 4,000 asked me to write a sequel. 🙂 So, the masses stated their wish, and what a mean author would I be if I didn’t come after it?

You’ll get BOOK II.

Nick Kane
Anthony Mitchell…in a few years.

But it won’t be staring Ryan Hunter, ladies. It will be about Tony’s struggles with his Happily-Ever-After at college. So for any special wishes (and yes, I mean it, cause the book isn’t written yet and I’m always curious about your ideas) leave a comment. 😉

Happy New Year!


25 thoughts on “There will be a sequel

  1. Probably not what you wish for, Arreyah. This is going to be a separate book, with a special appearance of Hunter and Liza at one point…maybe…but the rest is only for Tony and Sam.

  2. YOU NEED TO WRITE ABOUT RYAN AND LIZA PLEASE!!!!!!!! At first i thought you were going to write about tony being the third wheel or something, but you HAVE to make this book about them too!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i really like the idea of a story for Tony, but can you still go on with Ryan and Liz, i feel like the story ended to quickly and keeps you wanting more….

  4. You have to write another one about Ryan and Liza I read this book pulling an all nighter and you you left my 16 year old self wanting more. Never had i imagined a book about soccer to be that fantastic. Maybe after Tony you could go back to that couple. Fantastic novel that had some really funny parts.

  5. Please write about Ryan and Liza!! I’m more interested with what will happen to them.

  6. Breena,
    I know it ended quickly, but the feeling you get when you close the book is exactly what I aimed for. I didn’t want a story to be “overwritten”. It should leave you thinking, coming up with your own ideas for their story to go on. Everything is open for you…possible for them. 😉

  7. Ha ha, I never checked the eyecolor of the guy in the picture. Yes, they should be blue, but sometimes you just don’t get “perfect” LOL

  8. Dear Mercedes…please don’t curse me now, but I won’t write another book about them. That Tony will have his story was never part of the plan. But since so many, like you, just wanted something more, I decided to write it. However, I do have a few other works in progress, and if I only concentrated on Liza and (oh-so-sweet) Ryan Hunter, they won’t ever get finished. So why don’t you give my other heroes a chance and try reading their books? Julian might be just the guy to fall in love with. I did when I wrote him 😉

  9. Sorry dear, but I can only give you the same answer as I gave Mercedes. Liza and Ryan are happy now, and there won’t be a “to be continued”… But if it’s that important, just close your eyes and let things happen to them as you would wish I’d write about. Hm, now I’m wondering if that made sense. LOL

  10. After reading all of your comments I finally understand. Don’t worry I haven’t cursed you and I’m going to read your other book and can’t wait till this sequel comes out. I’ve read some short books like this but yours was the first that was actually organized and made sense. I’ve read this book over six time making sure I got every detail. I’ll give Julian a chance. Thank you for writing a fantastic book.

  11. so is there any chance that you will do a third book on Liza and Ryan story to add because i want to have more thin gs happening with them two.

  12. You read it 6 times?? OMG, you’re worse than me. I think in total I did 5 read throughs before the release… LOL
    Let me know what you think about Julian, will you?

  13. I’ve learned never to say never, ha ha, but at this point, I doubt I will write more about Liza and Ryan. 😉

  14. Hi Piper! First off THANK YOU for planning to write a sequel! I love you for that! 😉 Anyway, I respect your decision not to write more about Liza and Ryan, but I guess what I want to know is whether or not Liza is a (minor) part of the sequel. I really love M&M’s friendship, and I honestly can’t help but feel heartbroken at the thought of them not being best friends anymore! (Yes I am clearly very invested in these characters. 😉 )

    I’m currently drafting my review of Play With Me, and I’d love to link you to it once it’s done. I’ll probably have it up at the end of the week/next week. Do you have a twitter?

  15. I know how you feel about the characters and why you want them to show up again. 😉 We will see…I haven’t decided anything yet, and I won’t for another half year until all my other stuff is finished.

    But I might have good news for you… The first, exclusive interview with Ryan Hunter in now online. I’ll post the link in a moment! 🙂

  16. He is…and there’s also lots of Liza, Susan, Simone Simpkins and Frederickson. I didn’t plan this, but they just came up and now…well they are there and I have to deal with it. LOL

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