Fun AND Giveaway

Okay, folks, Halloween is almost here.

Hope you all have your scary masks at the ready. 😉

For those of you who had no luck in the Oktober Giveaway of my romance HER GAME, HIS RULES, don’t pull a face… Here comes the next already. Head over to the interview I recently gave and follow the most simple instructions there to opt for a free PDF.

Some chatting and an GIVEAWAY!

And a teaser just for fun.

Come on, I do want to get to know my readers!

Have a happy Halloween, all of you!


Signing with scary laughter,


2 thoughts on “Fun AND Giveaway

  1. Don’t have a scary mask. My youngest was supposed to go on a school trip to the conservation area, but we’re getting the remnants of hurricane Sandy so high winds and rain, and thankfully school cancelled. But that means, I didn’t put him in a costume for the school party because school wants them to put it on independently and I don’t know of many four year olds who can dress themselves without help. Tomorrow is not his school day so oh well, at least he has a black shirt with white sculls on so he’ll blend in.

  2. I don’t need a scary mask anyway. Just put on my pointed black hat, grab my broom and be my witchy self for one night… Ah ha ha! 😉

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