What? A mistake? Damn, no!

Well yeah, here we are…all published and happy!

Her Game, His Rules had a beautiful start, and I keep getting really lovely reviews. On that note, a shout out! to everyone who doesn’t shy away from writing one.

It’s a bit strange…to finally hold your book in your hands. First, you only brush it like this little something could intimidate you. Then you touch it a lot. And it’s fun. LOL. But after two weeks, things return to normal, and the book is just part of your life. I rarely talk about it to anyone other than my critique partners. But then, I didn’t talk about it a lot before either. So yeah, I think that’s just me. As a matter of fact, I have trouble dealing with too much attention. I blush a lot in the weirdest situations. But enough of the private part of me. 😉

I sat down to write this post for a special reason: I need to make up my mind.

As I’ve been told today by my cousin, who just finished reading the book and lifted my ego to the heavens with her praise, there is a major mistake in the novel. ONE WORD. Just one freaking word. Okay, I’m not saying that my novel is otherwise spotless. As in most every book you’ll find the occasional comma missing or maybe even a typo. But that one word is just so out of place that I think about uploading a new file for the press.

Yeah, I could do that. Or… I could leave it. And make a game out of this. What if I even did a giveaway? The one who finds the word fastest gets a signed copy of the novel. Or if there are more to come in, maybe let the game going until Christmas and then pick a winner? How does this sound? (And no, Barbara, you’re already disqualified! Ha ha!)

So, guys, give me your two cents on the matter and we will see what’s going to happen in the end.



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